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Ever Wondered Why Toilet Stall Doors Are Not Fully Enclosed?

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How often have you been to the public washrooms? Have you noticed anything different about the toilet stalls? If you are wondering what it could be, here is a hint: it is about the doors. Yes, the doors are not fully closed and there is a gap at the bottom between the door and the floor. You may be concerned about the privacy in the public washrooms and you could be right. However, the designers of the toilet doors had their reasons for leaving the gap at the bottom.

So You Do Not Get Locked

Many people are claustrophobic and fear the closed spaces. The fear that they have in mind is that they will get locked in and over time, the walls may start closing in on them. In case the lock is ever broken and you get locked inside a toilet stall, you have the gap at the bottom to get out.

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