These Pictures Prove That Chivalry Is Not Dead

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There was a time when there was a proper code of conduct for everything. However, with the changing times, people have started to believe that chivalry is dead and everyone is just going to behave in a selfish and disorderly way. Historically, chivalry applied only to the boundaries of the courts of the monarchs or the official gatherings of the kingdom. The knights that were appointed by the monarchs always followed the rules of chivalry and ensured the safety of the people around them. A big part of chivalry was helping the damsels in distress.

To all the people who believe that chivalry is dead in today’s world, there are many instances which will prove them wrong. Albeit, they rarity of these circumstances is worrisome. However, there are these pictures that have proven that good men still exist in this world. These men are the pillars of the community, helping out others in their times of need.

Protecting Modesties


For all the people out there who have confused looks on their faces, this is a picture of a gentleman who is protecting the modesty of the lady climbing aboard the train. The short dress of the lady might have caused many catcalls and other means of harassment for the lady. However, the gentleman held up his hat in order to protect the decency of the lady while she climbed aboard the train.

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