10 Positive Signs to Look for in a Potential Partner for a Healthy Relationship

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When it comes to dating, we tend to focus on deal breakers and turn-offs, but it’s important to look for positive attributes or “green flags” in a potential partner. Green flags are personality or behavior traits that match our established boundaries and can better indicate a suitable long-term partner. While red flags are more obvious, green flags can help us avoid wasting time and build a fulfilling relationship. This list of green flags in a relationship includes traits like respect, honesty, empathy, shared values, and support. We can assess a potential candidate by paying attention to these positive signs and ease our search for a compatible partner. If you have any other green flags that have worked for you in building a successful relationship, share them in the comments!

1. They Include You In Their Life And Want To Be In Yours

A person who is interested in you will want to share their life with you, from their happiest moments to their deepest concerns. They will invite you on adventures and introduce you to their loved ones. They may suggest new hobbies to explore together or take an interest in your existing interests. But, most importantly, they will want to learn about you and what makes you tick.

2. They Stay Off Their Phone

According to psychologists at the University of Essex, keeping your phone hidden away during a date or an interview is crucial. Research has shown that even just having your phone visible but not using it can negatively impact your relationships. Furthermore, using your phone while on a date is not only disrespectful, but it also shows that you are not fully engaged with your companion. This can give off the impression that you’re not interested or invested in the interaction, which can make a poor first impression.

3. The Little Things

Someone who truly cares about you won’t just show kindness when they’re in trouble. Their actions will reflect a genuine concern for your well-being, whether it’s offering support before a big presentation, sending a message of congratulations, or simply letting you know they had a great time with you. These little gestures may seem small, but they can leave a lasting impact on your relationship. It’s not about being showy or achieving personal goals; it’s about demonstrating their care for you in everyday moments.

4. The Conversation Flows

Silence shouldn’t be feared or avoided, especially on a date. Awkward pauses can actually be a sign of raw sexual tension between two people, which can be quite exhilarating. Don’t be afraid to hold firm eye contact with your companion and embrace these electrifying moments. Instead of feeling self-conscious or uneasy, allow yourself to experience the unspoken energy between you fully.

5. You Laugh A Lot Together

During dates, men often try to impress women by acting like stand-up comedians, expecting their date to be their captive audience. However, laughter is a two-way conversation and should never be forced or insincere. It’s important to share a genuine connection and find humor in each other’s company rather than using humor as a one-sided performance. Don’t settle for fake laughs or polite chuckles; instead, aim for genuine laughter that comes naturally and reflects your true connection.

6. They’re Not Afraid To Talk About The Future

Don’t be afraid to bring up long-term goals on a first date, even if it’s your first time meeting in person. Long-term goals don’t necessarily have to involve the other person, but it’s important to share them nonetheless. Do you see yourself getting married in the future? Are you certain you don’t want children? These are important topics that can help establish your boundaries and determine if you’re compatible with your date. By being open and honest about your goals, you can avoid wasting time on a second date with someone who doesn’t share your vision for the future. Remember, you’re not asking them to commit; you’re simply starting a conversation that can help you both understand each other better.

7. They Support You Having Your Own Social Life, Separate From Them

Naturally, your partner should have their own life too. It may be tempting to spend all of your time together at first, but it’s crucial that both partners maintain their individual identities. You don’t want to be with someone who makes it difficult for you to keep your hobbies and other activities that bring you happiness and fulfillment. Maintaining independence and personal space can also help keep the relationship fresh and exciting as time goes on.

8. They Appreciate Your Differences

Transferring one’s ideal partner’s qualities onto the person, they are dating can lead to a relationship’s miserable failure. However, it’s important to remember that a potential partner is not a scientific project. Each person has their own unique history, hobbies, and personality. Therefore, being with someone who takes the time to understand and appreciate what makes you unique rather than trying to change or mold you into their ideal partner is essential.

9. They Admit When They’re Wrong

Acknowledging your own mistakes is incredibly attractive. We’re all flawed since we’re human, and it’s not necessary to be right all the time. The ability to admit when you’re wrong is a sign of strength, not weakness. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for repeatedly making the same mistakes. It’s essential to learn from your errors and avoid making them again.

10. They Vocalize Their Feelings Loud And Clear

Our emotions can drive our actions, and sometimes, they can lead to errors. When seeking a new relationship, it’s important to find someone who is capable of communicating their emotions or at least makes an effort to do so. This emotional intelligence not only helps us understand our own feelings but also helps us empathize with others, fostering a deeper connection with them.

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