10 Ways To Tell If Your House Is Haunted By Spirits

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When I was little, anytime someone told me a ghost story, I would barely be able to sleep for days wondering how someone could stand to see something that scary.

Fortunately, I have never seen a ghost, save for the times I convince myself that something scary is in the room with me the night after watching a horror movie.

But there are plenty of people all around the country who claim to be haunted by spirits like this Greenbrier County woman who was visited by a murdered girl’s ghost.

And they apparentlydon’t always appear as a person some only make their presence known through little oddities and annoyances thathappen around the house.

These little signs range from bumps and strange noises in faraway rooms, to chilling cold fronts.

Check out some of the eerie signsthat point toyour house being haunted, it will definitely make you wonder .

Sign #1: Animals Acting Strangely


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Animals have sharper senses than we do and some believe this heightens their physic, paranormal-sensing abilities.

Pay attention to your pets: is your dog barking at something that isn’t there, or staring at seemingly-emptyair?

This strange behavior could mean that they can see something or someone in your house that you can’t.

Sign #2: Sudden Changes In Temperature


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Many people who have reported paranormal sightings have also claimed that the haunted part of their house got a lot colder when they walked in the room.

Others have reporting feeling a sudden rush of cold air as they walked upstairs, as if something ghostly was brushing past or through them.

It’s difficult to explain why this phenomenon would occur, butStranger Dimensionsbelieves it has something to do with altering the energy a power that ghosts are said to possess.

Sign #3: Strange Noises Around The House


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There’s probably nothing more chilling thanhearing something bump or thrash in another part of your home especially whenyou’re only one in it!

Sometimes those randomnoises can be easily explained, especially if you have kids who love to play around the house or a spouse who fishes around in the attic.

But if you constantly hear noises, and there is no one around who could be making them, it could mean that you aren’t as alone in the house as you may think!

Sign #4: Shapes In The Corner Of Your Eye


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Have you ever caught something out of the corner of your eye, turned around, and there was nothing there?

This could mean that something supernatural is evading your eyes, especially if you also get the feeling that you are being watched.

Sign #5: Unexplained Electrical Problems


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Lightbulbs burn out all of the time, it’s one of those little annoyances that comes along with owning your own space.

But if your home frequently deals with electrical issues likeflashing lights, power outages, or thedevicesbeing turned on and off, you may be experiencing more than some faulty wiring, according to Forever Conscious.

Consult your electrician. If they find a reason for the electrical issues, great if not, you mayhave a mischievous spirit on your hands.

Sign #6: Sudden Infestations Of Bugs Or Pests


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Bugs can appear in your home out of the blue and are pretty easy to deal with but have you been seeing a lot more recently?

This could either mean that you have a buggy nest somewhere near your home, or you have a spirit drawing them into the house.

Either way, it might be time to call the exterminator and maybe also a paranormal investigator.

Sign #7: Missing Objects


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We all misplace things from time to time but have you ever misplaced something that your absolutely sure should be in the spot where you left it?

Furthermore, has it ever reappeared suddenly, without any explanation?

It could be the work of a ghostly resident in your home!

Sign #8: Strange Smells


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Many haunted home owners have also claimed being able to smell a strange scent that didn’t seem to belong to anything in the house.

This could mean that someone spooky in your house is emitting its own scent, perhaps something that had meaning to them in their lifetime.

Commonly reported scents are tobacco, perfume, chimney smoke, baby powder, and, unfortunately, rotting meat.

Sign #9: Recurring Nightmares


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Waking up from a nightmare is always the worst but if you are having the same scary dream over and over again, you shouldn’t ignore it!

It could mean that a spirit is attempting to make contact with you, and what better time to do so than when our brains are at their most relaxed and vulnerable?

Sign #10: Seeing A Strange Figure


Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

The final indication that your house is haunted? Actually seeing a ghost with your own eyes!

It’s hard to know what one will look like since plenty of a ghost sighters have reported seeing shapes, people or flashes of light.

Have you ever wondered if your house was haunted or do you know for a fact that you reside with a ghost?

Let us know your ghost stories in the comments below, and

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