12 Weirdest Thought To Cross Your Mind When In The Shower

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Everybody needs some ‘me’ time. Time when they can be alone with their thoughts and enjoy some peace and quiet. But in today’s busy life, there just isn’t time to find such time. But our last hope remains in the form of our shower. Yes, that tiny little space in our homes that gives us time away from our gadgets and worries and problems. No wonder we get the best ideas of our days in the shower. However, not all ideas that we have in the shower are gold. Sometimes we end up thinking about some really weird stuff!

1. Do I look good in the shower?


As weird as it may sound, this is the kind of thought our mind wanders off to. We humans are very superficial beings and love to know how we appear to others in different circumstances. So naturally, this type of question props up in our heads. Do I look tempting enough so that bae would want to join in?

2. How do people manage to get frisky in the shower?


A lot of movies and shows often show couples getting it on in the shower. But when you look at your own shower, and see how cramped the space is, the idea seems pretty far fetched. Yet the scenes are often very steamy and make us curious about getting it on ourselves. Also, we don’t know how having water cascading down our bodies would feel like!

3. What if a serial killer just walked in?


This is one thought that can make even the hottest showers feel chilly. If you are staying alone and take a shower at night, it is highly likely that you will have this in your mind. We have Hollywood to blame as in every thriller/scary flick we find at least one character being executed in the shower. So naturally we will want to get out of there as soon as possible.

4. Am I going to get attacked by a spider?


As far as creepy crawlers go, spiders are right up there. They give us the creeps like only a very few can. And when you are showering, it is not crazy to think that a hairy spider could be crawling out of its nest or web and coming for us, ready to pounce at the earliest opportunity. A lot of us shudder at the mere thought!

5. If I slip, my body might rot here for days!


Another thought for those who live alone and have a positive outlook towards life. Showers, as we know, can get very slippery and the idea of slipping and hitting your head against something isn’t completely preposterous. Did you know that some people actually develop a fear of showers because of this very thought?

6. What if the water stops mid shower?


This is the fear that plagues almost every one of us. We all fear that we would be in the middle of a shower, all lathered up when the water supply would cease and we would be stuck in that lathery, slippery state. The idea often leads to some really hilarious visuals of us walking around like a visually impaired person or slipping on something.

7. What if the entire shower got swallowed by the floor and landed on the floor below?


If you have a vivid imagination, you know exactly what we are talking about here! This is the stuff that happens in cartoons. The floor gives in under the shower and we fall into the room below. The idea, though hilarious, is also pretty scary. How would the people in that room react to a naked person just appearing in that room? Or how would we react if something similar were to happen to the person in the room above us.

8. Did I leave the front door open?


We do have this tendency of having the worst thought at the worst possible moment, don’t we? When we are in the shower, we want to make sure we lock the front door, so that we don’t get targeted by a thief or a serial killer! And once you are in the shower, you can’t even run naked across the house to go lock it, can you now?

9. Is this razor too rusted for use?


A very common dilemma, more often for women than for men. Just how many times have you stopped midway to analyze if your razor is just too rusted? You can’t keep the razors outside the shower since you use them regularly. And since it is kept in humid place, it is bound to rest fairly quickly too. So this paradox will plague our lives for a long time!

10. Why am I not half good a singer out of this shower?


Who doesn’t sing like an Opera singer in the bathroom? We find ourselves to be most vocally talented when in the shower. But as soon as we walk out, our singing prowess seems to disappear. Why is it that no one can hear us when we sing in all our glory, and when someone is actually listening, we sound like a croaking frog?

11. Can I use this bottle as a weapon?


It’s called survival instinct. No one wants to die a horrible death in shower with some serial killer attacking out of nowhere. While we take all the measures to avoid an invasion of our space, it is only prudent to be prepared with a weapon of our own to attack them. So we look for a bottle that has a pointy end, can fit in our hands and is light enough to be easily lifted and heavy enough to do some damage!

12. Is this soap safe for EVERYWHERE?


Maintaining proper hygiene of our privates is extremely integral. And one often wonders if the soap we use for the rest of the body is safe enough for down there or not. And the truth is, if you use a mild soap and don’t have any sort of allergies, the soap can work as well! So don’t you worry child!

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