13 Mind-Blowing Secrets You Never Knew About The Wizard Of Oz

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You know a film is an extreme successwhen it’sstill talked aboutdecades after being produced, and will continue to beremembered for generations to come.

Just look at the belovedmovieMiracle On 34th Streetcreatedback in the 1940s, which was such a success that TV stations continue to play it around the holidays each and every year.

And then there are the movies that are still watched year-round, like The Wizard Of Oz people just can never get enough of it! Maybe it’s because even back when it was created 80 years ago, the technology was so advancedthat it carveda new path within cinematography, being recognized for it’s image-enhancing Technicolor.

But there are several behind-the-scenes facts thatmany still don’t know about the classic tale, and we’ve rounded up a bunch of juicy onesthat even the most loyal fan might not know.

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1. Dorothy And Scarecrow Were Supposed To Have A Love Connection


Earlier versions of the movie’s script involved a love connection between Dorothy and Scarecrow, but that didn’t end up making the finalized storyline. Maybethat’s why Dorothy says she’s going to miss Scarecrowthe most at the end of the film!

2. Jack Haley Was Not The Original Tin Man


Buddy Ebsen was originally cast as Tin Man and actually went through the first ten days of filming.But he felltragically ill and was rushed to the hospital, amidrumors thatinhaling the aluminum powder slathered on him for the part may have been the cause. So when Jack Haley took over the part, they made sure to switch over to aluminum paste.

3. The Film Flopped In Theaters


This classic film is still talked about today, due to the fact that it’s so loved, but that wasn’t the case when it came out in theaters. For whatever reason, people didn’t go out to see the movie, and so it raked in a mere $3 million dollars at the box office.

But it was television, in addition to relaunching the film in theaters, that made The Wizard of Ozas big as it is today.The more people saw the film, the more people realized the genius nature of it, and the popularity just grew from there!

4. The Lion Costume Weighed Around 100 Pounds


Bert Lahr didn’t have it easy playing Lion in the movie. Every day of filming, he had to lug around his costume that weighed almost 100 pounds. But hey, at least you would never feel guilty about skipping the gym!

5. The Wicked Witch Was A Kindergarten Teacher


Before Margaret Hamilton took on the role ofthe evil Wicked Witch of the West, she actually had a profession quite opposite of what her character symbolized she taught and took care of little children as a kindergarten teacher. Who would have thought?

6. The Slippers Were Originally Silver


As read in the novel, the slippers that played such a crucial role throughout the storyline wereactually silver. But when creatingthe film, the decision was made to make them a brighter shade since they were using Technicolor, so the ruby red slippers were conceived!

7. The Tornado Was Created Using A Muslin Stocking


The tornado that sparksthe initial conflict within the film was actually created using a 35-foot-long muslin stocking. They spun it around and around with plenty of dirt, dust and wind involved to give it a disastrouslook.

8. Margaret Hamilton Was Badly Burned During Filming


During the scene where the Wicked Witch of the West disappears in a cloud of smoke, Hamilton got severely burned from the fire created for the effects. Although Hamilton obviously continued in the role, sherefused to do any scenes involving fire after that rightfully so.

9. Judy Garland Wanted To Keep The Dog Who Played Toto


Garland developed a very close bond with Terry, the female dog who played the part of Toto, and wanted to keep her as her own pet beyond the film. But that idea vanished when Terry’s trainer turned down the request.

10. The Emerald City Horses Were Covered In Gelatin


The special effects team decided to color the horses of the Emerald City with bright gelatin mixin order to enhance thecolor. The only issue was the horses constantly tried to lick off the sweet stuff, but they made it work somehow!

11. They Coincidentally Used L. Frank Baum’s Coat As A Costume


Frank Morgan who played the Wizard and his counterpart, Professor Marvel wore a tattered coat that waspurchased at a secondhand store. Although some believe it couldn’t have been a coincidence, the coatwas inscribed with L. Frank Baum’s name, the author of the Oz books.

12. 3,210 Costumes Were Made For The Movie


Although the number mightmake sense with the amount of actors and actresses they included in the film (all those munchkins!), it’s still crazy to think that thousands upon thousands of costumes were madefor just one movie. But it sure did pay off!

13. The Wicked Witch’s Death Certificate Marked L. Frank Baum’s Death


The date ofMay 6, 1938, was depicted on the gravestone of the Wicked Witch of the West. This represented and acknowledged the twentieth anniversary ofL. Frank Baum’s death the reason the film could even exist!

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