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15 Depressing Thoughts That Plague You When You Realize He’s Bad In Bed

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My sympathies for you, girl, ’cause this sounds like trouble from the word go. When you have a man of your dreams by your side, who pampers each and every whim of yours, you think that you have it all. At least, that is the way the world perceives it. But when you find out that he’s not that great in bed. That’s when tragedy strikes and you simply wish that you were not born in the first place.

1. Should You Tell Him The Truth About His Performance In Bed?


Yes, you should, because truth is the best course to a healthy relationship. But what about his feelings? Maybe the truth might be so hurtful, he would slip away into non-existence and you would be wearing that albatross of murdering a man’s emotions around your neck. It would be better if you shed those tears of pain silently.

2. You Should Never Have Watched ’50 Shades Of Grey’ In The First Place


50 shades of Grey raised the bar of bedtime action. Well…sort of. But when your partner turns out to be a big bummer, then you are disappointed. Oh, Christian Grey, we simply wish you were for real. You make the juices ooze out like nobody else. Sigh, it seems you are going to be a part of fantasy. If only you could be Anastasia Steele and enjoy the action in the trilogy!

3. Drat! You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Bedroom Action Because He Lacks Skills


After you anticipated action for that special night, you realize that things are not the way you had expected them to. You thought he would be a lion during intercourse. Instead, he turned out to be a sissy. Now you are simply wondering what to do next. Maybe it would be better to make out with a son-of-a-gun instead!

4. You Weren’t Prepared For This Shocking Letdown


After going through innumerable blind dates and ditching uncountable exes in the process, you finally came across the man of your dreams. And imagine, all the fun fizzed out in your night-time gambol. If only, he wasn’t such a big washout in bed. But when did luck start to favor you out of turn.

5. Should You…Just…Let Him Go?


You want to, but he has all the qualities that would make him the perfect husband. But what about all the romping that you are going to miss out on? And, without the satisfaction, you cannot experience true marital bliss. After all, it is not something that you can compromise on. Why can’t things be a bit easier?

6. You Would Love To Swap Him For Somebody Who’s A Real Animal In Bed


What can you do when there is no other way left out? All you can wish is that you can swap him for somebody who’s more active and sensational during intercourse. But you can’t let go of him just because he is a nice man. You are totally puzzled being a part of this jeopardy and no, even Einstein cannot help you out of the situation.

7. Should You Let Him Learn The Lovemaking Tricks From The Internet?


This is something you should dread. No, really! Learning things from the internet could be bad. Moreover, there’s a whole load of crap out there on the web. If you leave it to the internet to guide him about everything, then you are in choppy waters for sure. Ask anybody you like, you are certainly going to regret it in future. So beware, don’t say we didn’t warn you beforehand.

8. All The Romantic Movies You Grew Up Watching Were A Big Lie


Well, if you believed in all the rubbish that was shown in the rom-coms or the chick-flicks, then it’s time for you to wake up. If you think that your man could be good-looking, helpful, listens to you and also performs optimally in the bed, then just get out of the dream, girl. You are in for a rude shock. These perfect men exist only in the scripts of a TV show.

9. The Next Morning Is The Most Awkward Morning Of Your Life


You are not happy the next morning. But you don’t want to hurt his feeling either. So, what do you resort to? Are you going to put a fake happy face and assure him that he’s delivered his best. Or are you going to walk around with a gloomy face, conveying him what a disappointment the whole thing was.

10. Are You Expecting A Lot From Him?


Initially, your fantasies are sky-high. But when your expectations fail to reach their potential, you sulk and feel awkward about the whole deal. Then you resort to blaming yourself for the whole setup and even crib about the fact that you were misled by the internet. If you had an ex who raised the bar of your expectations, then you are simply done for!

11. Maybe You Should Give Him Some Time To Pick Up


Slowly, the whole affair gets depressing. After trying this and that, twisting and tweaking in every way possible, you just come to the conclusion that this thing requires more time. You also want to revitalize the relation because you are full of optimism at this point. Are you, really? Your mind slowly starts playing games with you.

12. But Will He Ever Reach ‘There’?


With your personal life in the fray, it is often confusing. Will he actually be able to reach his potential or will his performance go south? Whatever be the outcome, it’s you who will suffer the most. What’s most frustrating is the fact, that he will never get at the optimum point. Either he will amplify his libido, or he could simply fizzle under pressure.

13. Things Might Improve Eventually


Of course, he would get better with time. And if you two are in love, then it’s better to have patience and invest some time on your relationship. Even though you feel comfortable that your unwanted love is slipping out of your hands, there’s always the guilt at the back of your mind that he’s perfect marriage material.

14. Is This Even Worth All The Trouble?


Yes, if he’s perfect in all the other ways and lacks only in the lovemaking department, then avoid discarding him. Give him a chance to learn the intricacies of pulling off a fulfilling intercourse. Still, if he’s not able to pick up your cues, then it would be better to walk away – that too minus the guilt. Otherwise, you could be laying the foundation for an unhappy relationship.

15. You Need To Show Him The Way


Despite undertaking all measures to spice up your love life, if you notice your efforts going in vain, then you need to gear up. Convey what you want in bed and be clear and straightforward in stating your requirements. Don’t filter out anything because you are embarrassed to talk about it. After all, the secret to enjoyable lovemaking is proper communication of partners.

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