15 Pictures That Show That There Are Two Types Of Women

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Everything in the world can be divided into two types. Yes, even women. Men might think that women are complex beings with endless depths that contain all the mysteries of the world. But just ask a woman, and she will tell you that she is either of one kind or the other. And will then go on to classify every other woman into ‘this’ or ‘that’. Although it might seem a little flippant to put everything a person can be into just two boxes, these pictures show that there really are only two kinds of women in every situation.

1. Sexy unicorn versus blown up pizza suit


Costume parties are always fun. Everyone just wants to look good, maybe win some prizes and compliments and maybe make a few mouths water. Both these costumes do that, but in such different ways. Of course, one appeals only to a select few people on the planet who are into unicorns and beautiful women. The appeal of pizza, however is far more wide. Besides, she looks so much happier, doesn’t she?

2. Mermaid versus seal


Some women manage to go through life looking graceful and elegant no matter what they do. While others, just do not. Climbing out of a pool without using a ladder is difficult, and while one woman defies all logic and gravity by gracefully pulling herself out while looking like a lovely mermaid, the other just shows us how hard life can really be. Much like a seal repeatedly falling into the ocean before climbing onto the ice.

3. Man versus booze


Who doesn’t want to find love? Everyone does. But the problem is, love can be elusive and the perfect man starts seeming like fiction. Which is why, if you can find a man who makes your toes tingle, you should hold onto him. But if you don’t then alcohol will always be there for you. It will even be there when the supposedly perfect man messes up and makes you want to break the bottle over his head. One girl clearly made the right choice.

4. Devil versus plumber


Costumes allow you to show off your inner self, whether that is a devil or a plumber. While one girl might bring out the evil in you, the other looks like she knows how to handle tools. Although very different, clearly, both girls look pretty happy, choice of headgear notwithstanding.

5. Party girl versus girl at a party


Just look around next time you go to a party and you’ll see two kinds of girls. One is the typical party girl who drinks like she’s never even heard of a hangover, wears the right kind of clothes that draw eyes to her, and just overall seems like she wants to have a good time. The other kind, however, looks like she got dragged to the party by someone. But as long as she has some juice, she will have a good time and show the world that she can chug too.

6. Bad girls versus good girl


While both are being badass in their own way, the girls dressed as the sexy criminals don’t hold a candle to the one dressed as a cookie monster. She comes bearing food, after all.

7. Nerd versus princess


You already know what kind of girls these little kids are going to grow up to be. One will be the typical nerd who loves dragons and all things geeky, and destroys spiders with aerosol cans and cigarette lighters, while the other will probably jump up and down on the couch while screaming if she happens to see a cockroach.

8. Traditional versus modern


Even Disney princesses can be remade to be more modern and jaw-droppingly hot. All you need to do is take a few inches off the skirt and rip the sleeves off. Of course, you could always take the traditional route and keep faithful to the original as the other girl in the picture. It takes all kinds to make a Disney world.

9. Maverick versus loyalist


For some women, it doesn’t matter which brand their lipstick belongs to, as long as it looks good on them. They are willing to experiment, try new things and colour outside the lines if needed. There are other women, however, who prefer to stick to their favourite brand no matter what. If you get everything you need from one place, why look elsewhere?

10. Barely there versus very much there


Even on the sports field, you’ll see differences in all kinds of things. Shoes, socks, hairstyles, shirts and even shorts can be different, depending on who you are. Of course, shorter shorts might just make it easier to run, but you know that people will not be looking at the ball very much. It entirely depends on how much aesthetics matter to you.

11. Hot for the prom versus hot Cheetos


Who doesn’t like dressing up, looking grea, and then posing for some pictures that will stay with you for the rest of your life? Apparently, some people who would rather sit in the parking lot in their pajamas and stuff their face with Cheetos. Of course, food is always welcome, so its hard to pick who really looks more appealing in this picture.

12. Fashion sense versus comfort sense


It is essential to dress well and look good for your day at work and some people take the effort to do that so they can get ahead in life. Some people, on the other hand just want to get to the end of the week with as little trouble as possible. They dress for comfort and don’t give a fig to what other people might think.

13. Feet up versus given up


Handstands are impressive, no doubt. Which is why, one should be given brownie points even for attempting it, because falling over is as hard as balancing your entire body on just your hands. These women are different, but they both have guts, that’s for sure.

14. Harley Quinn versus Hulk Hogan


Dressing up as a deranged criminal, no matter how sexy, implies a slight madness. But not as much as attempting to dress up as Hulk-A=Mania, with a blonde mustache to match. One girl looks just as hot as her character, while the other manages to make her character look incredibly hot even when he is not in real life. You decide which is better.

15. Sexy cat versus Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Clearly, the girl dressed as a cat is simple and wants no doubts where her costume is concerned. The other girl, though, must have taken quite the effort to dress up as an obscure character who very few people will recognize. Not to mention how hard it must be to roll around looking like a blueberry. Although very different, both of them must think their costumes are worth the effort.

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