15 Pictures That Will Destroy Every Girl’s Day

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Girls’ lives have lots of ups and down. Whether you are an A-list celeb or a common lady from the suburbs, there are some common struggles. In fact, we have compiled a list of pictures which could make any girl/woman groan, ‘Oh No, not again!’. Oh, now you are curious? Scroll ahead and tell us how many pain points were we able to judge correctly –

1. When The Bra Becomes More Like A Blade


Selecting the right lingerie is extremely important. Otherwise the future that awaits you will be full of torture and distress. Underwired bras look good, but after a few uses, the wire starts to poke out. You feel like a vegetable being sliced up. Saving a few dollars would translate into hours and hours of havoc. Better invest in a Jockey’s or Victoria’s secret.

2. The Curious Case Of The Smudgy Mascara


With mascara under your eyes, you look like a sultry seductress. But when the mascara gets all smudgy, you feel like a witch! Hot and humid weather can ruin your eye makeup within minutes. Better invest in something which is waterproof!

3. Rapunzel or Tangled?


Having long locks makes you feel like a Disney princess. You feel like you are on top of the world and that you are the center of attraction. But your world comes crashing down, when they get all knotted and tangled. Beauty comes at dear price!

4. Chapped Lips Make You Feel Like A Mortal


You experience dry lips during winters, and boy, are they agonizing as hell. The raw skin hangs out and you feel that your lips are bleeding all the time. As bad as they look, they feel even worse. So better carry some chap stick with you!

5. Unexpected Hair Disasters


Impressed by the innumerable vlogs on YouTube, you decide to do your hair at home and save some money. After all, with an expert providing an awesome tutorial, there’s nothing that could go wrong in this endeavor. But you know what? Disasters strike when you least expect them. That curling iron could just singe your tresses leaving a bald spot that you can’t hide easily. It would have been wiser if you paid the salon a visit and let experts do their job.

6. The Makeup On The Floor


Your makeup box/vanity is a prized possession. You can tolerate anything, but you can’t bear a small scratch on your makeup kit. So just look at the picture in front of you. How painful is it to your eyes? Loads! What do you want to do right now? Die? Well, if I were in your place, I would have gotten myself blown up by a cannon. Having to bear the sight of seeing all my makeup on the floor is more grim than seeing death eye-to-eye.

7. Broken Nails Bring Tears To Your Eyes


It takes eons for you to grow up those nails and real nails look much better than those fake ones. But these nails require a lot of protection and maintenance. You got to file them, paint them, clean them, moisturize and disinfect them. Phew, that’s a lot of work! But even with all that, your nails end up cracking like splinters. That’s enough to drive you crazy!

8. All Wet, In Unholy Sweat


Summers and exercise are a bad combo, especially if you hate that feeling of being wet and sweaty. After a series of reps, the perspiration trickles down everywhere, making your skin all cringy and itchy. What should you focus on, your exercise or wiping off that sweat? What’s worse, be it your crack or cleavage, each part of your body is dripping with sweat. And it feels like your body is attacked by some sort of insect.

9. Hangover After A Boozy Night Of Hardcore Partying


“Work hard and party harder” whoever coined this phrase, must have never had a hangover after a night of drinking and partying. The painful aftermath of a liquor-laced event compels you to never indulge in it again. But the human mind works in a unique way. You tend to forget the past and end up sloshed, again! Sigh, the painful episode keeps on repeating like a vicious circle.

10. Ouch, Those Heels Hurt!


Time and again, you have fallen prey to the stiletto trap. You love donning those pumps because they make you look taller and that’s assuring. But when you wrap it up fore the day, your heels are sore. You badly want a foot massage and you curse those enamoring heels, which are the root cause of trouble. Just teach yourself to sacrifice the elevation for the sake of comfort.

11. Pinterest Model Shimmer Makes You Look Grimmer


The models on Pinterest look like smoldering beauties who could set the world on fire. Their glow is so radiant and divine, you are entranced to try that look on yourself. But what you expect may be far from reality. Instead you end up looking like a slob doused in paint for some tribal sacrifice.

12. Slashing Your Eyelash


Fake eyelashes look so cool, especially at those evening dance parties. You want to look like hot and sultry like Jessica Rabbit, and dazzle everyone with your look. But in all that hurry and excitement, you end up slashing your fake eyelashes. Drat, what are you going to do with one lash? Then you wish the world ended right there, because you have no spare eyelashes.

13. Shucks Man, What Do You Do With The Tan?


When you have to do chores with the sun overhead in summers, it is better that you have ample sunscreen on your body. Moreover, plan to wear light net clothing that covers your whole body while keeping it cool. Why are we recommending you for taking this painstaking effort? That’s because you get a horrible tan with 50 shades or so. You resemble

14. Shades In A Tangle


You thought it was cool and convenient to slide your sunglasses over your head? Well, it would be if you had short hair. But if your tresses are longer than usual and you tie them in a top-bun, then think again. There is a huge probability that your shades might get entangled with your long locks. Snipping some of your strands for getting out of the agonizing mess might be a handy solution, but who wants an unwanted haircut?

15. Nasty And Painful Shoe Bites


Shoe bites hurt like anything, and they are quite distracting. It happens when you decide to don the worst fitting shoes on they planet. But why did you wear the most unwearable of footwear? That’s because you wanted to look hot. Instead, you end up with sore feet, sliced heels and treading gingerly. Hope these shoe bites make you wiser, so that you try out a comfy pair of shoes in the future.

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