15 Pictures That You Will Love If You Have A Dirty Mind!

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They say life is more interesting if you have a dirty mind. You will never get bored and you will find that the most mundane conversations can be super interesting. All you need is some filthy imagination and you will find that the world around us is filled with so many things that can have a dirty me? Read on!

1. What kind of services are they providing?


Umm.. I don’ wanna sound crass, but aren’t those categories for smut? I don’t understand what kind of services these people are providing here. I am pretty sure that it’s not legal for establishments to charge for such services. Well, who am I to judge? I’d much rather go and avail these services.

2. Perfectly timed picture or a live miracle!


First of all, this lady’s balance is really impressive. Doing a split handstand is not as easy as it looks. But whether this picture was intentionally timed like that or accidentally lined up, we may never know. However, one thing we know is that it is insanely funny. One hard push and I am sure she will be able to push that dude out!

3. I don’t know what this religion is, but I want to join it right now!


This is what most guys want to read about when they open a book. And could you blame them? This is the religion the world needs right now. I don’t know whether this is an actual book or if someone is just messing around, I just know that this is brilliant. I have finally found our book of the month.

4. When you’re trying hard not to send any wrong signals.


Eating a banana in a room full of men can be a really complex task. You wanna enjoy the fruit, but you don’t want to put on a show for the rest of the crowd, do you? So the only option you have is to eat it horizontally instead of vertically. I just feel sad for the fruit. It’s been sexualized so much just for its phallic shape. Poor banana.

5. Advertising done wrong!


Just so everyone is one the same page, I’m gonna go ahead and clarify that this is an advertisement for an online shopping website. And no, not an adult toys shop. A regular shopping website. But the placement for the hoardings makes it hilarious AF. Whoever did that paint job deserves a medal. So go get your “click” on!

6. Marking your territory


Is this what happens when you get into a long term relationship? Or just when you’re super insecure. Nevertheless, these t shirts are epic, albeit a little objectifying. But talk about the insecurity here. These people have to go about proclaiming that their partner’s genitals belong to them. Sad but genus.

7. God can not have all the answers!


Religious people have this tendency of terming every inexplicable thing as godly. This random dude on the internet decided to say that God has all the answers and instead of googling, we should seek answers from God. So someone decided to give this dude a reality check and showed him that God can’t have all the answers. Checkmate son!

8. You shall not sin, capische?


Looks like God has taken it upon himself to make sure that this person doesn’t sin. So whatever “business” you’re trying to do in the woods, knock it off. God is watching, so better not do anything that will get you on the naughty list of the big guy.

9. I don’t think that that’s gonna make your hands any cleaner


We all knew Spidy could make web, but this is not what we expected. And definitely not from where we thought. I mean this looks like one kinky Spiderman. But one thing is sure, there’s no way in hell imma use this tissue. You gotta say, whoever came up with that design is either ignorant or a perv.

10. I’m not sure if this is the best marketing tactic here!


It is clever, you can not argue with that. However, is it smart to try to sell something gourmet using something that’s supposed to be disgusting? If you don’t know what it is, you really shouldn’t google it, trust me. It’s not for the weak of heart. Those who know what it is won’t want the reminder of it before going into a coffee shop.

11. It’s called growing up.


As we grow up, the things that we relate to some words also grow up. Step mom is the perfect example of such a thing. Once it reminded us of the evil step mothers. Now, our imagination gets the better of us. We’ve seen too much smut of that particular genre. So obviously, now the word invokes a whole different emotion.

12. I’d go to town on that cake.


Now that’s the kinda cake that we like to eat. The woman looks pretty embarrassed about it, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yummier looking cake. I’m fairly certain that cake would taste amazing. And I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna share. I want it all, just for me. Call me selfish, but i don’t like to to share my dessert.

13. Now that’s an incentive to work.


That’s how you get work done. Make them an offer they cannot refuse. And you will find that people are actually keen on doing the work if the motivation is correct. And you can’t find better motivation than this. Smart guy!

14. When Countdown goes wrong.


Or right? Totally depends on your own perspective. But it’s hilarious AF. Poor Rachel Riley. That moment would’ve been awkward for her. No wonder America loves that show.

15. That’s the only G spot you’re gonna find today


I love the name of this store. Looks like this is a place that might’ve been hard yo find. If you talk to a girl, shed totally relate to this. Most girls would be willing to draw a map to their g spots for their partners. But guys rarely find it. Such a shame.

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