10+ Secret Habits That All Women Do But Never Admit

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Everyone has their own secrets but it has been generally noted that women have more secrets than men. While they may behave properly when in public, there are many women who are not the properly-behaved classy ladies when they are in private conditions. They will forget all the etiquettes and civilized behaviour that they have learnt over the years and put on their party hats.

Trimming Their Pubes Instead Of Waxing


One of the most troublesome things to do for women is getting their private parts waxed. It takes up a lot of time and frankly, no girl has any sort of patience for that sort of thing. No woman will ever admit but they often use nail scissors to trim their pubes instead of wasting time shaving or waxing them.

Waiting To Wash Bras At The Last Moment


There is no way that any woman on the face of the earth will ever admit that they do not wash their bras on a regular basis. They will wait until the last moment and will only wash their bras when they start to stink. They do not care whether their bras got dirty during the previous day or had the sweat from the breasts. They will wear the same bra the next day.

Bleaching Their Moustaches


First of all, all women of the world will deny the presence of any sort of facial hair above their lips. The only facial hair that they will ever proudly admit will be the eyebrows. However, they will go out of their normal way to hide their moustaches by bleaching them. If they see even the slightest of pigmentation, they will bring out their bleaching kits and get the color right off their facial hair.

Making Make-A-Shift Sanitary Pad


There are times in a girl’s life when periods can come a couple of days early and take them by surprise. At such times, when there is no other option, like asking any other female around you or going to the nearest drugstore, the girl on the period will take a wad of toilet paper and lay it out in their pants or underwear in order to make a temporary sanitary pad.

Eating Food Spreads Right Out Of The Jar


Imagine a woman dipping her fingers in a jar of spread and then licking them. Try not to imagine it in a sexy way but rather in a way that you would if you were a slob. Women will not admit to doing this simply because it portrays that they are uncivilized but there are many instances when they simply do not have the time or the patience to spread it on a piece of toast and then eat it. After all, it is all about the flavor of the food spreads.

Not Always Washing Their Hair


This is a secret that women keep simply because it raises a question on their cleanliness and beauty. Instead of properly washing their hair using shampoo and conditioner, often a woman will simply dry shampoo her hair and save a lot of time that would otherwise have gone into washing the long locks of hair. They often do this when they are out with a group of other women and need to give a bit of texture to their hair before they can step out in public.

Not Washing The Blusher Brush


Women have their own makeup kits but you will see on many occasions that they share their brushes with each other. However, you will never see a woman wash her blusher brush or any other brush that is used in the makeup for that matter. They will use the same brush that they got when they first started to apply makeup for more than ten years, until the hair on the brushes fall off and the brush is no longer of use.

Plucking Out The Ingrown Hair


Everyone has ingrown hair on their body, which are a result of the shaving. This is a regular occurance with the girls since they shave the hair off their legs on a regular basis. To ensure that there are no more ingrown hair on their body, women pluck and squeeze them out and feel satisfied.

Eating Straight Out Of The Packet


Among other things, women like to eat cheese. They are especially fond of the soft texture and the yummy taste. However, life is too short to take the cheese out of the packet, spread it on a piece of toast, heat it, and then eat it. Women like to eat the cheese straight out of the packet. Without any toast or heat.

Smelling Their Clothes To See If They Are Still Good


This is yet another thing that all girls do. They will sniff around the armpits of the T-shirts and the crotch of their jeans in order to check for the filthy smells of sweat. If there is no smell, they will wear the same clothes without washing. No cloth will go into the hamper unless there is a definitive smell of old sweat.

Not Cutting Their Nails


Many women have one nail on their hands which they do not cut. They keep this nail in order to have something to chew on when there is nothing else. This gives them a great deal of satisfaction. The same goes with the little hang nail that is left behind after cutting the nails. The girls will chew on the hang nail and break it off, giving them a great deal of satisfaction.

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