15 Struggles That Every Woman With A Big Booty Will Relate To

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Big booties are spectacular. They have inspired songs and poems and declarations of love from men, as well as envy and mean looks from women who are not as well endowed. But having a booty that is larger than the average comes with its own set of problems, which booty-ful women have to deal with all the time. Here are 15 everyday struggles that show that having an enviable booty is no walk in the park.

1. Fixing the hem on short skirts and dresses


In simple terms, having a big booty, means that there is more surface area that needs to be covered by your clothes. It is especially problematic when the cloth is in short supply, like in shorter dresses and skirts. If the skirt looks decent in front, in all likelihood, it will ride up in the back making things extremely awkward once you’re out of the house. Unless you want to keep tugging at the back of your skirt every 10 seconds, you have no choice but to re-hem anything below a certain length.

2. Finding jeans and pants that fit well


Women in general are on the quest for a perfect pair of jeans. Except for those with a big booty, of course, because they have already given up. Jeans that fit their butt will always be too loose in the legs and jeans that fit their legs are so tight around the butt, that all it would take is a little bit of bending over to make them rip. If only every pair of pants could be made to order, things might get better.

3. Ripping belt loops on pants


Every woman pulls up her jeans by the belt loops because they’re just so conveniently placed. But a woman with a larger butt ends up putting so much effort into it that she will end up ripping them invariably because the jeans just won’t cover that butt.

4. Shorts are impossible to find.


If pants and dresses are hard to find, imagine the pain these women face with shorts. They will obviously not fit right, just like pants, and do not have enough material to provide full coverage like short dresses and skirts. A disaster, in short, really.

5. Patterns draw too much attention


People were clothes with pretty prints and details to draw attention to some part on their person. But a big butt draws enough attention on its own, so adding patterns will just make these women walk around with people staring at their booty all day. No wonder plain clothes are the most flattering yet safe in this instance.

6. Walking up the stairs becomes an exercise in embarrassment


Every woman hates walking up the stairs when someone is behind her, because it feels like her butt is on display. Now just imagine if that butt is huge. She is going to be too worried about whose face is at level with it to concentrate on the stairs. This could be a serious accident hazard.

7. Catcallers are even more common


It’s not that other women don’t get catcalled when they are walking around, it’s just that big butts draw more attention, as well as appreciation. Not only do these women get a lot of hoots and whistles, they are always conscious that it is aimed behind their backs. Literally.

8. Everyone asks about your gym routine


Although some women work hard for their bootylicious bodies, most women with big butts hate that they have to carry so much extra fat around. Considering that this extra mass is always a source of envy, people are bound to ask them what they do to keep the very thing that they have been dying to get rid of. Imagine how annoying that can get.

9. Riding a bicycle just seems indecent


Have you seen how much butt is on display when someone rides a bicycle? A bigger butt just means that there is so much more to display, and so much more awkwardness to feel. Every sporty woman with a bigger than average butt has longingly looked every time she is passed by a skinny woman rising away to glory.

10. Pinched waistlines are distant dreams


Although Kim Kardashian manages to make it seem easy, tiny waists rarely go hand in hand with big butts. This results in the well-endowed women doing everything they can to achieve the pinched waist look but failing and giving up in despair, at how hard it ends up being.

11. Only leggings can be their best friend


Leggings not only give big bootied women the coverage and fit that normal pants and dresses fail to give them, but are also the most soft and comfortable clothes out there. But they are not pants and using them means that you have limited options when it comes to what you can pair them with, which can make picking an outfit, the ultimate hassle.

12. Ripped pants and jeans


Tastefully ripped jeans are the new in thing in the fashion world. But even normal jeans and pants can get ripped in the most unflattering way if they have to struggle against confining a butt larger than what they were designed for. All it takes is bending to pick something up, and you’re left trying to cover your butt the rest of the day.

13. Not all chairs fit


Any chairs that are supposed to fit snugly around your butt when you sit become a nightmare when you have a butt that is larger than life. Women with bug butts not only have to squeeze into these chairs, they also have to be very careful while getting up, to make sure that the chair doesn’t rise along with them.

14. Things get knocked over by big butts


When your butt is too big, you always end up knocking things over when you underestimate the size of your own butt and forget that it doesn’t always turn along with you. Women with big butts might just leave a trail of destruction behind when they have to be squeezed into narrow paces.

15. Not being able to go down the slide at a park.


Sliding down a slide is one of those things that every kid loves, and every adult remembers doing with the utmost fondness and nostalgia. But when you grow up, and your butt grows a little more than you expected, you just cannot fit into the slide, forget slipping down it. That is one thing that will have to remain a fond memory, rather than becoming a reality as an adult.

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