15 Things All Men Want Their Girlfriends To Stop Doing

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When you’re in a relationship, things change and sometimes they change for good. Your priorities change and so do your habits. You try to keep the spark alive with little things for each other but sometimes it is just not enough. You need to be a little more careful since there can be many things which annoy your boyfriend. He might not tell you directly but you will have to figure them out by yourself and work on it.

Annoying Him To Propose You For The Engagement


Of course, you want to take the next step in your relationship and the best way to do is to get engaged with each other. However, annoying him by asking the same question everyday won’t play well for you. Instead, why not to wait for some time and let things take the natural course? The chances of him getting irritated are high if you keep asking him about the place where the relationship is going.

Cribbing All The Time


When you both meet, you should focus on talking to each other and spending quality time instead of cribbing all the time about useless things. You may think that you are complaining about the right thing but your partner may well be annoyed about all the little things that you keep complaining about. Well, it is rather a matter of perception. But if you keep cribbing like a kid, you will ruin your alone time with him.

Don’t Say IT’S FINE When It’s Not


Trust me, your man knows that when you say it’s fine, it’s not. And honestly, you don’t even need to show that you are okay when you’re not. Things will become much easier when you start being honest with each other and talk about the problem instead of pretending that you’re fine.

Complaining To Him That His Mother Doesn’t Like You


It can be true that his mother doesn’t like you. However, if you keep complaining him about this, you will end up losing him. And it is not the solution to the problem. Instead of complaining about it, why not to try impressing his mother? The least you can do is to keep on trying and after all, it’s his mother. If you love him, you have to adjust with his mother as well. Or at least, pretend to adjust with her.

Expecting Him To Entertain You


Honestly, he isn’t there to entertain you. He’s your boyfriend, respect him. If you expect him to not treat you like a source of entertainment, you also have to do the same with him. Entertaining each other isn’t wrong. However, forcing him to entertain you because you have nothing to do and you are bored is very wrong.

Texting Him In A Row When He’s At Work


Texting each other is a great way to stay connected during the day. But if he is at the office or is busy somewhere, you shouldn’t text him again and again. If you keep on texting him, you are disturbing him. Your guy won’t like it or will probably get angry at you for diverting his attention from work. So try not to text him a lot unless it is very urgent when he’s at work.

Constantly Looking At Your Phone When You Are With Him


You would not like it either when your boyfriend keeps on texting when he is with you. Similarly, when you are hanging out with him, he expects you to be attentive to him rather than to your phone. Understand that it is your time with him and he wants your attention. It does not matter if you’re busy or he is, when you both are with each other, it is really rude to keep checking your phone.

Making Him Wait For Too Long When You’re Getting Ready


We know that you want to look extremely gorgeous as it is your date with him and good things take time. However, if you keep on making him wait for too long, trust me, he will get pissed off. Nobody likes waiting and even if he is waiting for you, be thankful for his gesture. And try not to make him wait for so long again.

Revealing All Your Secrets To Your BFF


No matter how close you are to your girlfriends, you should stop telling them everything about your boyfriend. What you talk with him, what you do with him and what he tells you, these are the things that should be kept between you two. And I’m sure your boyfriend won’t like it if you spill out your secrets to your BFF. Even if he didn’t bother with it until now, stop doing it since he may get offended by this later.

Giving Him Nicknames Which He Doesn’t Like


It is very common in a relationship to call your partner bae, baby and other such words. To be specific, girls like calling their partner’s by these cute nicknames. And they find it very cute too. But are you sure that your boyfriend also likes it as much as you do? It is important to know about his liking as well. And if he doesn’t like it, stop using the nicknames.

Sharing Everything About Your Relationship On Social Media


It is a trend these days to share your selfies with your loved ones on social media. People also like making heart-melting posts on social media on each other’s profile in order to show the world their love for each other. But guys don’t like it generally. They like keeping their relationship personal unless it is mandatory to tell the world about it.

Inviting Your Girlfriends When You’re With Him


He will love to meet your friends for once or twice but not for hours. If it is a special occasion, he won’t mind it. But in most of the cases, he won’t like sharing your personal time with him with your friends. And the situation gets worse when the people you are hanging out with hardly know your boyfriend. It will be really awkward for your guy.

Having Mood Swings For No Reason


If you’re PMSing and you’re having mood swings, it is obvious and he will handle it like a gentleman. But, if mood swings are your daily routine and for no reason, he will get irritated with them. Also, without knowing the reason, he will not be able to help you as well.

Forcing Him To Buy Clothes That You Love


Giving gifts to each other is a sweet gesture. However, if you keep on buying clothes for him and forcing him to wear those clothes, it will make him angry and you will look dominating. Instead of forcing him to buy what you like, you can suggest to him the clothes which you think will look good on him and if he disagrees with you, respect his decision.

Trying To Change Him


Lastly, do not ever try to change him. If you love your guy, you should love him as he is without asking him to change for you. Trying to change him will not only annoy him but it will also ruin your relationship. In worst cases, you may even lose him too. Hence, do not try to change him. If don’t like some of his habits, talk to him about it gently with a mutual understanding.

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