Did You Know The Placement Of Your Birthmark Says A Lot About You?

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Some say birthmarks are marks left on your body because they are the marks that were made where you were shot in a previous life. However, we all know that’s bull crap. But that doesn’t mean your birthmarks don’t mean anything. In fact, the placement of your birthmark reveals a lot about you. Wondering what your birth mark reveals about you? Find out here.

On The Hand


This is probably one of the most common types of birthmarks. A lot of people have such marks in different shapes in sized. But the placement of it can mean a lot. The mark on the hand is representative of fierce independence. You don’t like depending on anyone for anything so you also don’t like asking for favors.

On The Legs


Go ahead, check your leg, it’s highly likely that you will find a birthmark there. A mark on the leg can mean a couple of things. First it means you are talented in your field of choice. However, you are also rather confused. You are unable to channelize your energy in the right direction.

On The Left Shoulder


Several people have birth marks on their shoulder. But when we talk about shoulders, the side matters. The birth mark on the left shoulder can mean you will suffer from financial troubles. Money will always be an issue in life. So it would be advisable to spend wisely otherwise your problems may persist.

On The Right Shoulder


A birth mark on your right shoulder mean quite different from a mark on the left shoulder. While mark on the left shoulder indicates financial issues, mark on the right shoulder means you will have good fortune. Quite the distinction. However, it also indicates that you are a homely person and enjoy time with family, rather than going out.

Under The Chest (Left Side)


If you haven’t checked until now, you should go check if you have a mark under the left side of your chest. Because such a mark indicates success. You are successful in your endeavors in all walks of life. All you efforts and investments bear fruit. It also means that you have a rich sense of humor.

Under The Chest (Center)


Just like in the case of shoulders, the meaning of a mark under the chest also depends on which side it is. While the left side is lucky, the mark on the center is quite unfortunate. It shows that you will never be able to inherit any family wealth. So if you were hoping to survive on your family’s income and have a mark under the central region of your chest, then you should probably have a back up.

Under The Chest (Right Side)


Yes we have already discussed the marks under the central region and under the left side of your chest we no discuss what the mark under the right side of your chest means. It indicates that the person in question would be blessed with immense fortune and dollops of wealth throughout life.

On The Belly


A lot of people have marks like these on their belly, but a lot of people don’t realize that it’s there. After you read this, you will want to know if you have a mark there because it would explain a lot. A mark in that area means you are quite possessive in nature. You also tend to be selfish when talking about people close to you.

On The Nose


Having a birth mark right in the center of your face isn’t very desirable, is it? But if you know what it means , you would want one too. The mark on the nose is a sign that the person is of accentuated creativity and artistic personality. So maybe you shouldn’t mind that birthmark after all!

On The Jaw Line


Like a mark on the nose, a mark on the jawline is pretty clearly visible to everyone. This makes it very undesirable. But that isn’t the only reason why no one likes having a mark on the jawline. Such marks indicate that you will have poor health. You will be faced with a number of ailments and have a disorderly lifestyle. It would be prudent to start working on that right away.

On The Cheeks


The birth mark on the cheek leaves experts divided. Some believe it is good some believe bad. But the general idea is that different sides of the face have different meanings. So a mark on the left side of your face generally means you will have financial difficulties and might suffer from depression. If you have a mark on the right side of your face means that you are fiery and are known for your passionate nature.

Under Your Feet


A mark at such a place isn’t very common and a lot of people don’t even know they have a mark there because they never really bothered to check. A mark on the bottom of your foot can suggest that you have a love for travel and adventure. You would probably take up a job that would make you relocate away from your native place.

On The Chin


This can be said about all the marks on the face, nobody really likes them. Our face is more important to us than what these marks say to us. And if you have a mark on the chin you probably don’t wanna know what it really means. Because it isn’t good news as a mark on the chin means you are short tempered. Ouch! Also, you are also gullible and don’t see if people have good or bad intentions towards you.

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