Girls Who Wear Glasses Can Certainly Relate To These 15 Problems

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Wearing glasses might lend you an intellectual look, but those who actually adorn them clearly understand the hassles involved with spectacles. Of course, it aids you to see better, but is quite a liability for those who love to dress up. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some problems which girls with glasses have to go through, repeatedly and daily –

1. Cleaning Those Damn Lenses All The Time


This is one tiring chore which you have to indulge in all the time. There is no easy way out of this. From dust to oily and greasy muck around the edges of the lens, you have to clear it out almost all the time. When you have a busy schedule to handle, it becomes all the more irritating. It’s better to hire an assistant who could clean your glasses for you. That is, if you had enough money!

2. Readjusting Your Glasses Is A Pain In The Neck


Sliding down your nose, not once, not twice, but thrice in a row – Isn’t this a common occurrence in your life. In fact, you have spend your lifetime adjusting your glasses again, and again, and again. You better use some glue to stick it up your nose. On a serious note, using a band-aid to hold your glasses is a good idea.

3. Those Nose Pads Are Life Destructing


Okay, you have to wear glasses over long intervals, and you can’t help it. They are just like another organ in your body. But, you have to remove your glasses once in a while. When you take them off, you notice the huge craters/marks on your nose left by the nose pads on the spec! God, these marks are a blot on your appearance.

4. Fogged Up Vision


If you got glasses, then you get used to this. Whether it’s a chilly December morning or you are just having a cup of hot coffee, your specs get fogged. And then, you have to wipe them clean, all over again. You wish that somebody could invent de-fogging glass, so that you can escape this chore.

5. An Obstruction During Kissing


If both you and your beau don glasses, then don’t plan on kissing. With spectacles on, you can’t get to each others lips. Without your glasses, you could end up licking his nose while performing a french kiss. The agony of it all is just endless. If you want to smooch, then keep those contacts in the bag.

6. It Hides All Your Makeup


If you wear a pair of spectacles, then you can kiss eye makeup goodbye. Why? That’s because all the effort you put in the beautification of the eyes would go unnoticed. Your thick glasses could easily conceal the eye shadow, kohl and the mascara. We mention it once again, if you want to look like a stunner, use the contacts.

7. Sacrificing The Shades, Forever


Ha! You love seeing those aviators in the optician’s shop, didn’t you! You wish you could try them on. But…you already got a pair of glasses. You simply got to let it go, because style can never overwhelm pragmatism.

8. A Burden During Your Workout


The weight of your glasses is even more burdensome during a workout. It rocks and it slides while you do those sit-ups, crunches and those moves from your Pilates routine. Your glasses slide left, right and center. After some time, you feel like giving up. To heck with those glasses. How can you keep them in place?

9. Peeing In Midnight With Your Glasses On


You just slipped off to Dreamland, when suddenly, you have an unstoppable urge to the loo. You open your eyes, and try to race to the loo, when suddenly you remember…you forgot your glasses. You frisk here and there, with the risk of pee leaking out any moment. Finally, you find it, reach the loo, sit on the pot and aim for the bulls-eye. Familiar story? Happens all the time, doesn’t it?



Wiping on those darn raindrops off your glasses is a herculean task. In case you ignore it, there’s a huge probability that you might collide with something. Why didn’t they have wipers for spectacles? Would have made life a lot easier, wouldn’t it? But you have a cloth, so get down to work and wipe away.

11. Always Curious About The Powers Of Other’s Glasses


Once when you have received your eye-power, you have an urge to ask other people(with glasses, of course) about theirs. You wish you weren’t as nosy as this. It becomes more or less of a habit as time progresses. But you would very much love to put this illogical ritual to an end!

12. The Concerns Of Lying Down With Your Glasses On


Sleeping with your glasses own without messing up big time is a commendable act to perform. But there are times you get poked in the eye or your glasses could break under the load. However, when sleep fills your eyes, and you slip of to LaLa land, who cares?

13.Are You Allowed To Forget Your Glasses For A Minute?


Misplacing your glasses is a sin. Even bigger sin is trying to find it and reclaim it. You could have placed it in the freezer, or in the loo. Worse, it could be on the top of your head and you did be turning your house upside down for no reason whatsoever.

14. Figuring Out How To Don It On The Beach


The sun and the sand demand glares not specs. Curse your blurred vision, but you need your glasses on at all times, even when you are on the beach. You can’t even risk wearing contacts, in case the sand gets in your eyes. Why don’t you invest in some snazzy glasses, just the way Kim Kardashian does? It will add an unexpected flavor to your appearance. Your beachwear and glasses could spark up a fashion fad.

15. C’mon Try These Damn Specs!(Understand My Pain!)


The people who unsympathetically comment you over your glasses deserve some sort of retaliation. You go to ask them to try on your glasses and let them understand what you have to experience everyday. Either it will shut them up or give them a clear vision of the trials and tribulations you go through.

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