Here Are 10 Tips That Can Make You A Better Kisser!

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The art of kissing is not as simple as a lot of people seem to think. It’s not just putting lips on your partner’s lips and sucking in air. It requires a lot of technique and experience to do the job properly. And if you think it’s purely a physical act, you have not been doing it right. A good kiss can affect you inside and out and in ways you didn’t know could affect you. A good kiss can make you forget about all the worries and could lead to things getting hot and steamy in no time.

1. Don’t be shy of taking initiative.


As we said it earlier, kissing isn’t just a physical act. Understanding the emotions behind a kiss is very important. A lot of couples feel that their partner doesn’t make them feel wanted to loved enough. They feel like they are the needy one in the relationship and no, it’s not a nice feeling. So don’t be afraid of taking an initiative. If you initiate kissing your partner regularly and show them the affection they deserve, you’ll start to see just how better your romantic life is turning out to be.

2. Increase the frequency


Kissing more often has a lot of benefits that you might not realize! Kissing releases dopamine and can help you relax and get over stress. So if you are under a lot of stress at work, maybe kissing your partner could help alleviate some of that stress. Studies also show that people who kiss their partners before leaving the house also tend to have lesser accidents. And lets not forget that kissing can keep your love life fresh.

3. Have some wine before kissing.


Studies suggest that having a some wine before locking lips can enhance the sensation manifold. Alcohol will also lower your inhibitions which can make getting it on much easier. The endorphins that are released by alcohol and kissing will make your experience so much better than before. However, lets not forget that drinking too much could also ruin the experience. So drink responsibly.

4. Don’t be afraid of getting aggressive.


Kissing can be of a lot of types. When kissing regularly and showing affection, it is advisable to kiss softly. But when things are getting heated up, or you want them to, don’t be afraid of showing aggression. No, we don’t mean get violent. But don’t hold back on the passion either. Grab their waist and run your hands through their hair, or push them against the wall and let the passion guide your action.

5. Tilt your head at a comfortable angle for better ‘access’


When things are getting passionate and you are indulging in what people call is tongue tornadoeing, tilt your head to the side at a comfortable angle. You will be able to kiss more passionately and deeply. No one likes foreheads bumping, do they? Statistically speaking about 66% choose the right head tilt, so maybe that’ the way to go about it.

6. Kiss randomly and at random places.


Kissing regularly is good, but don’t fall into a routine either. You need to keep things spontaneous and stay on your toes. Kiss at random places and at random times. This keeps things fresh and your partner also realizes that you want to show your affection towards them and think about them romantically at random times. It’s an amazing feeling to know that your partner isn’t afraid of showing affection when you are least expecting it.

7. Read the room


While kissing randomly is good, it is also very important to know that you don’t over do it. Make sure your partner isn’t feeling pressurized or stressed because of the place where you are kissing them. So you have to read the room and know how your partner is feeling. You don’t want your partner to feel uncomfortable. So keep their comfort in mind as well.

8. Don’t go too overboard with experimenting


Nobody wants things to become boring and so we keep trying new things to keep it fresh. But even when we are trying to experiment new stuff, it is important to not go into the weird stuff. If you read something online that you like, first research it. Make sure you know everything about the technique. Then either talk to your partner about it or introduce it slowly, making sure they enjoy it before you go full force.

9. Make sure you have a fresh breath


Nothing worse than bad breath to kill the mood for kissing. If you want your partner to enjoy kissing you and not feel gross about it, then make sure you avoid stinky food like onions and garlic. In fact, it always helps to keep some mint ready in your pockets. Not only will your breath smell fresh, but it will also feel cool, which adds to the sensation.

10. Make sure your lips are well moisturized


Dry and chappy lips can spoil a kissing session in an instant. We all want to kiss soft supple lips, not the pointy thorns that chappy lips are. Some chap stick would always go long way. It also shows that you care about what you put your partner through, so that will always earn you extra brownie points. You could try flavored chap sticks to add to the experience.

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