Here Are The 15 Best Couples According To Zodiac Signs

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Before you go into a relationship, you always wanna know how compatible you are with your partner to be. You take into consideration everything- from taste in movies to career preferences to sense of humor. All these things are very important, but just as important is to check the compatibility of our Zodiacs. Astrology can tell a lot about what kind of a couple you would make. It could save you from a lot of heartache. So why don’t you go ahead and find out what kind of a couple you would make.

1. Pisces And Taurus


If you ever wanna know what perfect balance means, you need to see a Pisces+ Taurus couple. Pisces tend to be rather dreamy and idealistic, living in their fantasy land. Taurus, on the contrary, are more practical and down to earth. So their union makes a lot of sense as they compliment each other perfectly. Such couples are meant to last long.

2. Aries And Libra


We know opposites attract, but similarities make spending time together possible. Aries and Libras are commonly social magnets and extroverts. The parties they throw are the best as that know just what to do to get a party raging. A good social life can do wonders in building a strong and healthy relationship.

3. Aries And Gemini


These couples may be different on a lot of levels, but they have one thing in common. Both Aries and Geminis are full of optimism. The kind of optimism that helps you get through tough times. It is very important to have that in a relationship, and such a partnership has plenty of it.

4. Scorpio And Cancer


One of the most important aspects of a long lasting and strong relationship is definitely a lot of passion. Romantic and possessive, Cancers and Scorpios make for a hot, passionate affair. While they can get petty and jealous, the fierce loyalty towards each other more than makes up for it.

5. Sagittarius And Leo


Leo and Sagittarius are both signs of fire. And these two signs are both full of fire. Their ambition and drive for living life big makes the whole relationship full of life. This drive makes them push each other to their limits in a very constructive way.

6. Virgo And Aquarius


Virgos and Aquarius are two sun signs that make up for polar opposites. As we know opposites attract. So their union is often very successful. Virgos have an inclination towards analytical thinking and tend think very critically and deeply. Aquarius’ on the other hand have a transcending intelligence. They are curious by nature and want to know more.

7. Capricorn And Taurus


A power couple if there ever was one. Capricorns and Taurus’ make for a couple that is always magnetic and the center of attention. They might be sitting in a corner at a party, silently judging all the other couples, and still manage to remain as the center of all activity. That’s how powerful a couple they make.

8. Pisces And Scorpio


When in a couple, Pisces and Scorpios have just the right amount of romance and respect to go with the right amount of mischief. They run in perfect harmony. However, when they are alone, they can be very different people. The relationship is very relaxed and gives the required space.

9. Gemini And Virgo


Geminis and Virgos together are great talkers. They could talk and talk about stuff till they exhaust themselves. And their conversation could vary from groundbreaking and intellectual discussions to talking about the everyday mundane things. They are extremely opinionated people but they when to keep their opinions to themselves and when to fight tooth and nail to prove their point.

10. Aries And Capricorn


Individually they are two very different people. So their getting together can take some time. However, once they do get into a relationship, they work like magic. They compliment each other nicely and build a strong foundation. Such relationships last long.

11. Gemini And Libra


Both Gemini and Libra are air signs. They are well in sync most of the times and have matching intellects, which makes conversation easy. However, they compliment each other pretty well too. While Geminis are willing to argue their points till death, Libras try to avoid conflict at all costs.

12. Aries And Sagittarius


This pairing has the best compatibility that two signs can have. Aries and Sagittarius are perfect for each other as Aries tend to lead and Sagittarius prefer to follow. They also have the necessary passion, energy and enthusiasm to keep the relationship fresh and make it last very long.They handle things with the kind of maturity that other couples just lack.

13. Pisces And Cancer


If you ever want an example of an honest and open relationship, look no further than a Pisces and Cancer relationship. It’s hard to keep a Pisces and Cancer from getting together as their union is often very intuitive and nurturing. They tend to have strong emotions and a deep passion for each other. This along with honesty makes for a “match made in heavens.”

14. Virgo And Taurus


Devotion and love are very important for a long lasting relationship, and this couple has it in people. This pairing happens to be very realistic and nurturing. They won’t leave each other in times of despair no matter what. And once you see hard times through together, everyday life becomes so much easier to handle.



If you are looking for a fun yet understanding relationship, look no further than here. Aries and Aquarius know just when to be cuddly and just when to give the other person space and not get offended by it either. At the same time, they are very adventurous, both in and out of the bedroom!

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