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If You Notice These Signs In A Girl, Then She’s DEFINITELY Trying To Hit On You

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When you meet someone cute and there is an instant chemistry, you try to put the moves on them. You begin to exhibit clear signs that show that you are interested in them. The person on the other end can see these signs and then recognize the courting that is going on. It helps them to respond appropriately. However, the tables can turn, or rather not move at all, if the other person is not able to recognize the signs at all. If you are a guy and are wondering if the girl that you know is putting the moves on you, here are some signs that you should be on the lookout for.

Constantly Asking For Help


Whenever a woman is faced with a problem, she will first try to solve it herself. However, if the problem persists, she will go to the man that is closest to her and ask for his help. If a girl is constantly asking you for your help, you should start to believe that she thinks highly of you and has half a mind of asking you out, i.e., if she already has not.

Constantly Smiles Looking At You


When you are with the girl and you notice her smiling with content or happiness, know that she feels happy in your company. It is the primary reason behind her liking towards you and she will cherish that company, all the while thinking about whether or not you and her will be a perfect fit in life.

Starts Conversations With You


When a woman likes to keep to herself and yet tries multiple times to start a conversation with you, know that you are one of the few people that she would talk to. This also means that you are special to her and that she would consider you as a likely person with whom she would spend the rest of her life.

Erotic Intimation


Does she constantly play with her hair or purse her lips when she is around you? This could be a good sign that she is into you. Another sign that you should look out for is if she brings her breasts together or touch her navel when she is around you.

Eye Contact


Does she make a seductive eye contact with you? When she looks at you from across the room, do you feel the heat of her stare? This could be one of the surest signs that she wants to be intimate with you. Eye contact is a good form of flirting and you should be on the lookout for it.

Body Signals


When you look at her, does she tilt her neck in an inviting way? Does she pucker her lips around you, making kissing noises in a jokingly flirtatious way? Does she put her arm around you while the two of you are going for a walk together? It can be a good sign that she likes you and is definitely putting the moves on you.

Touching Her Private Parts


This is a definitive sign of a girl liking a guy. If a girl touches her private parts in front of a guy, the guy can be completely sure that the girl is into him and is indicating the likeliness in the most direct way possible. Also, she would be ready to go all the way in the relationship and in bed.

Using Double Meaning Language


This is a little subtle thing that most guys let go unnoticed. However, girls are always careful in the way that they talk in front of others. And it becomes obvious that a girl likes a guy when she uses double meaning words and phrases in front of the guy, indicating that she is comfortable enough to be herself around him. Also, she uses said words in a flirtatious way to indicate that she likes the guy, letting him read between the lines.

Laughs Way Too Hard On Your Jokes


Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you have told a slightly bad joke and the girl that you are watching out the signs for is laughing way too hard on them? if she finds humor in the worst of your jokes, it is a clear sign that she likes you and in a definite way, is not afraid of expressing it.

Likes To Stay Close To You


If she does not mind stepping into your personal space, it is a clear sign that she is ready to feel the intimacy of the closeness between you two. When the issue of personal space is over, the girls usually start to behave as a wife would and you can take the sign to be clear as the sky without any clouds that she is into you.

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