Mom Is Outraged When School Locks Her Daughter In A Room For Wearing This Outfit To Class

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In August 2015, student Josephina Thompson was stopped by a security guard on her way to her first-period class at Grissom High School in Huntsville, AL.

Josephina was told her her outfit was too inappropriate, and so she was prohibited from entering her classroom until a friend’s parent could drive over to the school to bring her another set of clothes.

Josephina’s mom, Deanna, was absolutely outraged when she heard what happened. She immediately took to Facebook with an epic scolding for the school that went viral for more reasons than one.

“I would like someone to please explain to me how this is justified,” she wrote. “It boils down to the claim that girls’ ‘revealing’ clothing is a distraction to male students.”

Scroll down to see the outfit in question, and Deanna’s full response…

Deanna Wolf was infuriated to learn that herdaughter, Josephina, was detained by her high school in Alabama for violating the dress code.

In 2015, Josephina and her friend were stopped by a school security guard in the hallway and sent to ILC, a discipline room.

The pair was held there until they could figure out who to call and ask to bring them a more appropriate wardrobe.

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Josephina was wearing blackankle-length leggings and a long, baggy sweater.

The schools dress code allows leggings, but they must be covered by another item, like a dress or skirt, at leastthree inches above the knee.

Deanna was adamant that Josephina’s outfitmet the school’s requirement, so she took to Facebook to unleash her fury.

“Huntsville City Schools, I would like to ask a question. What are you teaching our children about their bodies and their minds? My daughter was not allowed to go to class, and was held in ILC for an entire class period because she wore this outfit to school. She would have been held even longer had someone not been able to bring her more ‘appropriate’ clothing.

“I would like someone to please explain to me how this is justified. Why single a student out, put her in a locked room and inhibit her learning because of one faculty member’s INTERPRETATION of her clothing? It boils down to the claim that girls’ ‘revealing’ clothing is a distraction to male students.

“That the mere idea of a girl even HAVING a derriere (or, heaven forbid, shoulders) is so scandalous that we must stop everything and hide her away.”

“I am sick to death of the public shaming of the female form. You are telling girls that their bodies are to be hidden, and that boys cannot control their minds if they see the basic female figure. It’s disgusting and it belittles both sexes. Not to mention that this whole situation clearly states that a girl’s education has less importance than a boy’s education, and that her right to said education is secondary to providing a distraction-free learning environment for the opposite sex.

“Your misguided attempt at disciplining my child has only succeeded in giving an example of the skewed gender bias perpetuated by society. The lesson she learned today was NOT that her clothes were inappropriate, but rather that the behavior of the school was inappropriate.

“It’s asinine things like this which push more and more parents to homeschool their children.”

Deanna’s post went viral with nearly 3,000 Facebook shares. It was met with both support and criticism from outsiders.

Some mirror Deanna’s claims of sexism, while others say rules are rules.

Josephina also took to Facebook and explained how she and her friends were distributing flyers around the school to tackle the issue of gender-related double standards.

“…I am not going down without a fight. I’ve always been pretty chill with the way women are looked at because I’ve never really thought much about it until now, but I am so sick and tired of being ridiculed and singled out just because I have a damn vagina. I have body parts men don’t, and if my clothing accentuates those body parts mildly, I shouldn’t be punished for it. This isn’t JUST about dress code anymore, this is about my rights as a female.

“I’m looking to start a revolution here, everyone is welcome to join. A few of my friends and I will be putting up these flyers around Grissom this week (you might have already seen a few today), and I’d appreciate it if everyone would keep an eye out for them and spread the word.”

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