Most Inappropriate Pictures Of Father-Daughter Moments That You Will Ever See

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There is nothing sweeter than a father getting pictures clicked with his daughter. However, things can take a nasty turn if there is even the slightest mismatch in timing. If you do not believe this statement, here are some pictures that will prove the point that you should be very careful about timing when you are getting pictures clicked.

Closing Eyes At The Wrong Moment


The picture that you see above was taken at a purity ball, a celebration where the girl pledges to save her “innocence” for her husband. Sadly, when the picture was being clicked, she was with her father and decided to close her eyes at the same time when her father did and the photographer clicked the picture. What was meant as a thing of purity turned quite fast into a thing of intimacy, which is just wrong given their relation.

Wrong Pose For Eye Contact


Right from the beginning of our lives, we are taught to look into the eyes of the person who is talking to us. We are taught to follow our elder’s advice and work on it till we die. However, sometimes it is better to ignore the advice on the basis of the situation. For instance, this father-daughter duo should not have been looking into each other’s eyes when getting their picture clicked. Working on that premise, the two should not have been posing in such a way either.

Public Display Of Affection


Public displays of affection is always considered to be cringy and rude to the people around you. However, many have argued that it is the couple’s right to express their love. All is good but things start to get messy when people know that you are not in a relationship. Take this picture into consideration. The people kissing are Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke. And this is just wrong.

Wrong Dress For The Occasion


Looking at this picture, you immediately notice what is wrong with it. If not, start with the number of straps on the dress of the girl. Even if you forget the dress for a moment, embracing the modern choices and what not, there is yet another disturbing detail about the picture that will haunt you in your dreams. It is the glare of the father.

Time To Open Presents


Christmas is a great opportunity for parents to bond with their children by connecting in the form of presents. Children get what they want and love their parents for the gifts. However, sometimes the gifts can be inappropriate for the occasion as is seen in this picture quite clearly. No dad should ever gift underwear to his daughter.

Too Close For Comfort


Steve Tyler is famous for a lot of things. One of them happens to be his closeness with his daughter Liv Tyler. We are all for a happy relationship between a father and his daughter. However, this picture is just too disturbing. Steven should not have gotten the picture clicked with this little space between him and Liz.

Photoshoot Gone Wrong


During a photoshoot in Vanity Fair 2008, Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus got some pictures clicked. However, the photoshoot soon turned into a juicy topic of gossip because of the inappropriate poses that were struck by the couple. Oops, the father and the daughter.

Uncanny Similarities


The dad in the picture was tired of his daughter taking too many selfies. In order to teach her a lesson, he decided that he would imitate her habit and make her uncomfortable. While the pictures of the daughter were quite cute and appropriate, the ones of her dad were outright creepy.

Forgetting Smiles


This has to be by far the creepiest picture of a father with his daughters that you will ever have seen. The intensity of the picture is heightened by the smiles that the innocent daughters have provided and the glare and the unsmiling face of the dad.

Not At All Romantic


This is a picture of Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight. Before this picture was taken, it was rumored that the two did not get along very well. However, at the event the two had their arms around each other and Angelina Jolie was smiling away for the cameras. Her dad’s stance towards her looked kind of romantic, which is just wrong.

Wrong Photo To Strike The Pose


This ballerina got the picture clicked with her dad against a striking landscape. While her dad was all well-behaved for the picture, she raised her leg over her head and it seems just a tad bit inappropriate, given that she is his daughter.

Dad Joke Gone Wrong


Dad jokes are hilarious. Many people might find them hard to understand or consider them just lame. In this particular picture, we see a dad and a daughter, where she has worn a T-shirt that was gifted by him. There is nothing wrong with it except for the face of the dad on the T-shirt and the words “Try Me” at the bottom.

Smile For A Picture Before You Go


This is a picture of a teenage girl having her picture clicked with her dad right before her high school dance. The creepy thing about the picture is the short dress. Not of the girl, but that of the dad. It is well-known that dads are lazy and do not like getting dressed for any occasion unless absolutely necessary.

Not A Pose For Them


Yet another picture was taken at another purity ball. It turned out to be inappropriate too. The father-daughter duo is striking a pose that does not suit the relation and also it is inappropriate because the eyes of the two are closed.

Disapproving Looks Of The Father


Photobombing can be very amusing. However, the way that the dad is looking at his daughter with her boyfriend and disapproving of the way that the two are holding each other in the picture.

Certainly Not Right


This is certainly not the right thing for a father to do with his daughter. No father should be seen hacking off his daughter’s body parts, much rather than get a picture clicked of the action.

Not Presidential At All


We all know that Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump are quite close to each other but this goes a little too far. There are many fathers who get pictures clicked with their daughters on their laps but Ivanka is a bit too old for that.

Hulk Hogan At It Again


This is Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke again at it with a creepy father-daughter moment. Lending a helping hand is one thing but this is just so wrong.

Left To Wonder


We all know that dads do not like to remain in clothes for a long time but they do not have to strip down to nothing in front of their children. We are just thankful that there was a bridge in front of the man.

Making The Wrong Choices


While the girl is not mature enough to understand her Halloween costume, her father certainly is. He should not have let his daughter wear the costume out in public.

Trump Ruins It Again


It seems like the Trumps have a family album filled with inappropriate moments of Donald J. Trump and Ivanka Trump. The President has also said that if Ivanka had not been his daughter, he would have dated her.

Another One


It seems like trump and his daughter are not subtle at all when it comes to showing that they would have dated if it were not for their current relationship. They have tons of inappropriate pictures together.

How Did He Even Become The President?


There is no shortage of the inappropriate pictures of Donald and his daughter, Ivanka. We have to wonder how people ever thought that he is right to be the President of one of the mightiest nations on the planet.

Sideshot Of Hogan


This is the side shot of the previous picture of Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke. Hulk seems to be applying lotion on his daughter’s butt in public and we have to wonder why there was no other person to do it.

Excitement After The Game


This is a picture of the New England Patriots’ coach after the Super Bowl XLIX. The Patriots had won the match and in the excitement, the coach kissed his daughter right on the lips.

Golf Time


When you are out golfing with your daughter, there are some goofs that you do not play around with. This dad is being goofy with the golf stick and placing it where his genitals are.

Matching Tattoos


This father-daughter combo got matching tattoos and the words said “blood is thicker than water”. They seem to be a part of a closely-knit family but the placement of the tattoos is rather inappropriate.

Proud Dad


This is quite a creepy picture but the dad seems to be proud of both his daughters. The thing that makes the picture creepy is the bikinis that the girls have worn which are rather provocative.

Ashton Kutcher Caught


Ashton Kutcher became the step dad of Rumer Willis when he married Demi Moore. This is a rather uncomforting picture since Rumer had confessed to having a crush on her former step dad.

Hulk Hogan Again


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It seems like Hulk Hogan is not at all worried about his public image since he seems to be in a lot of inappropriate pictures with his daughter Brooke. This one takes the cherry for the father-daughter combo.

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