Pipe dreams: life on the road in pursuit of surfing glory

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Special report: At the start of a new series on the world of surfing, we join the circuit to discover the stories of precocious youngsters and battleworn veterans trying to make their way in the sport they love

Sat in the trunk of her car in the sweltering midday sun, Freya Prumm is contentedly scraping dollops of bright orange flesh from a warm papaya before spooning them into her mouth.

Scattered around her lie several colourful surfboards, wetsuits flung over wooden stumps, a foldaway table topped with a fresh pineapple, towels, clothes, an acoustic guitar and other items befitting a typical coastal road-trip in Australia. Her car is stuffed awkwardly with a mattress offering just enough room for her to catch a decent nap before she next hits the road.

Im in my 20s, the prime of my life, and this is how I want to spend it, she says. Regardless of what I achieve, its the best lifestyle. I get to travel around and go to the beach.

Like, seriously, honestly, she says, pausing to contemplate the madness of any alternatives, its the epitome of following my dream. Not many people get the opportunity to do that.