The Bermuda Triangle: 10 Things You Probably Didnt Know About This Mysterious Area

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The Bermuda Triangle has been a source of endless mystery and intriguefor centuries.

Strangedisappearances of entire cargo ships, airplanes, yachts, and all sorts of crafts have left many folks theorizing about what’s causing the mayhem.

While it’s true that ships and planes do go down all acrossthe planet, the wrecks seem to bemuch more difficult to recover and identifyin this 500,000-square-mile expanse of sea found to the eastof Florida.

From aliens, to sea monsters, to electromagnetic fields and time travel, the theories and rumors have been seemingly endless. It’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth when so much has yet to have been explained about this area.

Do you have any inkling of what might be going on in the Bermuda Triangle? Dig through the 10 facts about thismysterious placebelow and see if you can come to some of your own conclusions.

1. Debris Of Wrecks Can’t Be Found For A Reason


The Bermuda Triangle is located right by the Gulf Stream, which takes away debris from plane crashes or shipwrecks very quickly. You can still attribute this to paranormal activity if you like, though. Who says factual science and the paranormal can’t work in tandem?

The Gulf Stream is pretty much a 40- to 50-mile-wide river within the ocean thatcirculates warm water, creating strong currents as well as weather patterns. It lies right on the Triangle’s western edge.

2. The U.S. Navy Has A Testing Center In The Triangle


The United States Navy has anAtlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Centeron an island within the Bermuda Triangle. The Navy uses this center to conduct studies onthree-dimensional hydrospace/aerospace trajectory measurements. Many people have conspired that this testing center and laboratory is theArea 51 of the U.S. Navy. Rumors of experimenting with the continuum of time have circulated about the base as well.

3. There Is One Man Who Claims To Have Experienced A “Time Storm”


Bruce Gernon is a pilot who says he lost 28 whole minutes during a flight through the Bermuda Triangle after he flew into an electronic cloud of sorts. He wrote a whole book about his experience calledElectronic Fog, in which he describes his experience traveling along with the “time storm.”

Believe what you will.

4. Christopher Columbus Was Reportedly One Of The First To Record An Experience


When he was taking his voyage in 1492, his compass started to fail in the Bermuda Triangle, but he didn’t tell his crew when it was happening. According to Science Vibe, he also supposedly saw a great ball of fire appear in the sky, and then saw a strange light in the heavens a few weeks later.

5. Compasses Behave “Strangely” In The Triangle


Usually, compasses point to magnetic north, which is about 1,500 miles away from the true North Pole. However, there is a strip in the Bermuda Triangle in which the magnetic north and the North Pole align, and it can cause a bit of confusion for inexperienced navigators.

Compass variation needs to be taken into account at any point on the Earth, not just in the Bermuda Triangle. However, the U.S. Coast Guard has still used the phenomenon as a reason forthe losses of ships and vessels in the Bermuda Triangle.

Some people, including Bermuda Attractions, believe that this is just a scramble to cover up some other unexplainable phenomenon going on in the area. Really, it’s hard to tell what’s what!

6. Many Vessels Have Disappeared With No Warning


In 1918, the USS Cyclops, a 542-foot Navy Cargo ship, went down without even a peep of an SOS signal, according to

Decades later, after the Bermuda Triangle had officially earned its title, at least three passenger planes went down shortly following messages that everything was running smoothly. Thisled to many folks jumping to some very out-there conclusions.

7. 1,000 People May Have Died In The Triangle In The Past 100 Years


While the exact numbers can be hard to pinpoint, in the past 100 years or so, 20 planes and 50 ships have been reportedmissing, in addition to more than 1,000 lives lost, according to Soft Schools. Other sources report a much higher number of missing vessels: up to 75 planes and 1,000 ships within the past 25 years.

That seems like a lot, but in all fairness, when you compare that to the numberof plane crashes worldwide, it really isn’t all that many.

8. Shakespeare Might Have Been Influenced By The Triangle


As reported in The Sun, Shakespeare’sThe Tempestmight have been based on a real-life tragedy in the Bermuda Triangle, heightening the mystery aroundthe location, and even quitepossibly romanticizing it as well.

9. Methane Could Be Responsible For The Disappearances


As reported by Express, methane gas may be the answer to why so many sudden and mysterious disappearances have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.

Methane gas can be released from thesea floor, making the water above much less dense, and thus capable of swallowing ships. The methanecan also make the air above highly combustable, potentially causing airplanes to explode suddenly.

This is still a theory, but at least there is a bit of science behind it.

10. Books Have Been Written Blaming UFOs


The mysterious disappearances of huge vessels hasled some people to think that aliens were responsible for taking peopleaway to another realm. Dr. M.K. Jesup wrote a whole book about his theories in 1955, called The Case for the UFO.

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