The disastrous phone calls we all want to avoid

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Answering the phone when an unknown caller is on the line or worse, a number you dont recognize is like talking on speakerphone in a public place. Its just not something you do.

More than 1 out of every 7 calls in the U.S. is a fraud or scam, according to DU Caller, a new smartphone privacy app. From your standard telemarketers all the way up to professional scam artists, unwanted callers are a drain on time, energy and money.

At the very least, scam calls are a personal intrusion into our lives; at the worst, they can cause huge financial losses, says Keskin Zhao, DU Caller product manager.

So when it comes to The Unwanted Caller Hall of Fame, who are the worst offenders? Here are the five calls we all want to avoid by any means necessary.

1. The Telemarketer

Hello! How are you today? Im not selling you anything dont hang up the phone! I swear Im really not trying to sell you something. I just wanted to talk to you about an amazing product that would be perfect just for you. I know youre busy, that I called you in the middle of dinner like just as you sat down, right? but do you have a few minutes to discuss this product that you most certainly will never buy? Im really not trying to sell you anything but I just think that you really need this useless thing. And if you wanted to send us some money then we would TOTALLY send you the product! I mean, thats how this works. Are you still listening? Hello? Sir or Madam?

2. The Ex

Okay so I know you said its over and to never call you again, but I just took that as a sign that youre really still in love with me and that we should get back together. Im really good at reading signals. I left you like six voicemails already but I think something must be up with your phone because it doesnt seem like youve been getting them. Every couple has their problems though, right? I just really love the inside jokes we have. Like last week when I was standing outside your house behind that bush waiting for you to get home, you acted like you didnt see me. You are just hilarious! We have fun, dont we? Cant you see were made for each other?

3. The Donation Requester

Hello there, how are you? Im a poor student here at [INSERT ALMA MATER] and we were just hoping you would have it in your heart to donate some money to us? Think back to your time at [INSERT ALMA MATER]. Didnt you just love it? Werent those the best four years of your life? Dont you wish you could be that happy again? Wouldn’t you want to feel that young and vibrant and full of possibility? Sir, are you crying? Cool. Now get out your checkbook and Ill help you feel better.

4. The Humblebrag Frenemy

Well hey you! Long time no talk, right? I was just thinking about you the other day when my personal assistant brought me breakfast in bed during my daily personal massage and I just suddenly thought what is my old friend up to? I could have sworn I saw you at the gym the other day but then its just so hard to keep track, what with all the barre classes and 5 am bootcamp sessions and acroyoga. Things have been great with me. Ive been doing a TON of charity work, but its just so hard constantly donating all my time and energy. Things have been really busy! I just have so many places to be its like every huge gala and dinner party and fundraiser wants me there and its like UGH, guys I cannot be everywhere right? So, how are things with you?

5. The Fake Contest Scam

Congratulations! Youve won $10,000 in this contest you never entered! We would love to send you all this money (do you want it in cash or one of those giant checks?) but first we just need to know a couple things. Theyre teeny, tiny facts. We swear! Then the money will definitely be on its way to you. So first this little thing: whats your social security number? Oh, and your birthday? And can you tell us your mothers maiden name, too? Okay great, getting ready to drastically change your life! Just one last thing: can you tell us your full address and your checking account number? We cant wait to move all this money around! Youre gonna love it.

Isnt it time your smartphone got a little, well, smarter? Available on the App Store and Google Play, the DU Caller app features an automatic caller ID, a customizable blacklist, call recording (Android only) and more, helping to turn your smartphone into your personal answering service and giving unwanted callers the boot for good.

From Nov. 30 – Dec. 12, DU Caller will be holding a campaign called “Make the Right Choice” to raise awareness about smartphone security. To learn more, watch the video below.

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Read more: http://mashable.com/2016/12/05/avoid-these-phone-calls/

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