This Oklahoma Animal Shelter Loves Dressing Up Its Pets As Aliens

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You see a lot of new concepts being tried and tested in the USA. That is why the country is known as ‘the land of innovation and opportunity‘. Therefore it is no surprise that an animal welfare center in Oklahoma has tried to garner some attention by thinking out of the box. The OKC Animal Welfare shelter have around 200 animals ranging from dogs, cats and hamsters ready for adoption.

1. The Alien Canine From A Faraway Planet Called Oklahoma


This unique headgear is made from tin foil and it is believed that this metal can actually repel alien waves. On a serious note, these hats add a unique and cute touch to these animals, making them more noticeable. A photo-shoot is done and images are shared on social media. Kids from all over Oklahoma and even neighboring states come in search of their pet companion.

2. These Extra Eyes Can See It All


In case the aliens from some other dimension break into OKC, they should be prepared with their defensive strategies. So this canine dresses up as an alien with three extra eyes and a lot of coveted powers. You come in its way and it will zap the hell out of you! And beware of the antlers, for they could deport you to a blackhole or some other galaxy.

3. This Feline Is An Alien With The Purrfect Poise


If dogs are taking all sorts of defensive measures, then why should the cats be left behind? This feline here has a big eye on a pod which seems to see it all. Even Superman’s X-Ray vision is feeble when compared to it. So are you ready to adopt this cat as a pet? Yes, you definitely want to take this world savior to your home.

4. That Is One Cute Extra-Terrestrial!


Who will leave this incredible opportunity of leaving this cutie-pie at the adoption center. Whatever be its superpowers, it definitely has earned the right to be your faithful companion. And don’t be deceived by the looks, for it is one intelligent alien dog!

5. What Are You Looking At?


By the looks of it, this cat means business. The steady and intense gaze can leave you mortified to such an extent, you wish you weren’t born. It seems to have located something, probably a prey. And it’s ready to strike. Such a powerful trooper is a must have in your battalion. So what are you waiting for? Grab the bloke and bring it home.

6. Ain’t I Looking Out Of This World?


With such an outlandish expression, how can somebody give it a miss? Maybe it is this extra dose of cuteness that makes this canine a stalwart at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center (LACAC 51). Use its cuteness to mesmerize the enemy and stopping them dead in their tracks. It is a foolproof strategy to defeat the enemy without investing in ammunition.

7. Crawling All The Way To Another Terrain


Doesn’t this iguana seem to have a charming personality? However, its fierce look and monocular eyes give it an otherworldly appearance. It is heartbreaking to see that such a magnanimous creature has to struggle for adoption. It is highly advisable to bring this silent yet intriguing guest home and add an unnatural element to your household!

8. What Are You So Surprised About?


These workers at the OKC are the most caring human beings on the planet. They bring these animals from all corners of the state and save them from a life of drudgery. You will find many inhabitants of OKC in the most despicable conditions. After they are provided with proper care and nourishment, they are put up for adoption. Great job, gals!

9. Wings Of Fire


Aww! Doesn’t this puppy look cute and it looks so much at ease with its Foster-Mommy! With golden wings in its possesion, it could zip and zoom to stratospheric heights. Just give it a heave, and it would circle the earth in a jiffy! So, when are you flying, buddy? All of us are raving for it!

10. Is That A Flea Collar Or A Martini Glass?


Who thought a flea collar could be fashionable? But look at the swag of this cat, it is certainly carrying it in style. The flea-collar is made to look like a glass of martini, completer with a stirrer and a green olive. It clearly behaves like superb english spy by the name of James bond. The bloke is famous for enjoying his signature drink shaken but not stirred.

11. In Patriotic Colors…


If Uncle Sam Or George Washington would flaunt a pet, then it certainly would be this one. And the costume would be fit for the 4th of July celebrations. This girl and the dog seem to gel so well together, they just seem to be like inseparable siblings.

12. Now, That’s What I Call A Hot Dog…


In case you are looking for something to chow upon, then take this pardner with you. It’s a guarantee that he would help you to locate something sumptuous with his extraordinary power of sniffing. What’s more, he could bare his fangs to scare off anyone who asks for payment. Just remember to give him his share of the loot!

13. Care To Shake A Leg On My Music, Amigo?


If you love to do the tango on the Spanish Flamenco, then this cantante from Espana is going to dish out the best Mediterranean music for you. All you need to do is let go of all the inhibitions and dance your heart out to the tunes being dished out.

14. Easter’s Here, Bunny Boy!


Neither is this Easter time, nor are you the playboy bunny, Dude! This dog seems to be suffering from a personality disorder or memory loss. It seems to think it is a bunny and is surely searching for his ol’ carrot top. Look hard, Buddy, for you are never going to find it!

15. Presenting The New Heavyweight Champion Of The World


Bringing forth to you, the new heavyweight champion of the world, the Italian Stallion. One bite and you would scamper all around Italy! This canine here has loads of pizzazz and can surely pack a power in its punch. So, if you want to knock out all your opponents, make sure you take it home with you.

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