Truck Driver Discovers A Mind-Blowing Coincidence About Co-Worker On Facebook

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Adopted children have the tendency of asking their foster parents about their birth parents. Some of them even take it upon themselves to find the whereabouts of their birth parents. However, this sis a story of a person who did not take any initiative or even ask a single question about his birth parents from his foster parents.

Meet The Child


Nathan Boos was adopted at a young age and his adoptive parents gave him many chances to ask about his birth parents. However, Nathan was content with remaining clueless during his childhood and even all the way into his early adulthood, until an incident on social media changed his entire life.

Closer Than Everyone Thought


After years of asking new questions, Nathan Boos had struck off any doubt he had about his birth parents and his adoptive parents did not pester him either. However, when his adoptive mother saw a picture of him on Facebook, she was more surprised than anyone else since she saw that her son and his birth father were closer than anyone knew.

An Established Career


Nathan Boos is only 27-years old and is already following up on his dreams. He is studying the art of welding at the Chippewa Valley Technical College, and living in the town of Tilden, Wisconsin. To support his life, he was working as a truck driver for Rock Solid Transport for a period of two years since July 2016.

His Own Company


After working as a truck driver, Nathan decided to start his own trucking company. He has a comfortable life and is living in a calm and peaceful manner. However, his greatest asset was not his experience, his company, or his lifestyle.

The Birth Of Nathan


Right in the beginning of his life, Nathan had been put up for adoption. He never knew about his birth parents because the people who adopted him decided that they would never tell him about them unless he asked them for the information specifically. All the while they knew the truth but Nathan never asked them, which is why he was always in the dark about his birth parents.

No Desire


Nathan had always had the curiosity about his birth parents. However, he never started to look for them simply because he was content with the parents he had and it was also the reason that his adoptive parents remained silent on the subject.

Take Your Father To Work Day


Ever since Nathan started his job at the trucking company, his adoptive father had wanted to see how his son was doing. One day, when Nathan was 23, his adoptive father decided to tag along with the delivery of a shipment. When he saw the passion in Nathan, he let slip something that would change Nathan’s life forever, telling something about his birth father that his wife and him had kept mum about all these years.

Shedding Light On The Past


There was something strange that Nathan’s dad mentioned about his profession during the trucking run. When Nathan’s dad saw how passionate he was about trucking, he mentioned that it was in his genes. This was the first mention of Nathan’s biological dad in years and his adoptive father told Nathan that his real father was also a trucker. What Nathan said later was quite unusual.

Quite The Coincidence


Ever since Nathan was a little boy, he felt that he was not the correct fit in the family. He had a feeling that something was off about his parentage. However, as he grew up the feeling inside him faded and he never thought about his birth or parentage ever again. When his dad told him that Nathan and his real father could have worked on the road together, Nathan just shrugged it off and did not pay much attention to the conversation.

The Search By Chance


The talk that the father and son had during the trip was not the revelation. Nathan was in the dark for yet another 4 years. No new details surfaced for the said period of time and his adoptive parents respected his wishes to remain oblivious. However, everything changed on a day in January 2018. Nathan’s mom was on her son’s Facebook page and was looking through her son’s friends. Among the names was one that surprised her a lot, to the point where she had to collect her thoughts before talking to Nathan.

Bob The Driver


Among the friends on the list, there was Robert Degaro, someone whom Nathan only referred to as Bob. The two had been working together at Rock Solid Transport and despite the difference in their age, they had become quite the good friends while working at the company. They had the same sense of humor, loved teasing other co-workers, and it was only the start of their friendship.

How Bob Stood Out


When Nathan’s mom found out that the two were friends, she sat Nathan down and told him how she found out the friendship. She recognized the name because the name was always in the back of her mind and she would recognize it anywhere. She opened up the Facebook page of Robert Degaro and pointed at the picture, telling Nathan that it would change his life.

The Big Surprise


When Nathan’s adoptive mom told him that Bob Degaro was his biological father, Nathan’s jaw dropped and he was absolutely surprised. At the time when Nathan’s mom was telling him about Bob and his relation to Nathan, he told her that it was only two hours before that time that he was talking to Bob.

The Missing Link


Once Nathan came to know about Bob, there was only one piece of information that was left to know. Nathan was still in the dark about his birth mother and his adoptive mother told him the name. It was up to Nathan to deal with the information and decide how he wanted to process the information. The secret was out and Nathan took a day to collect his thoughts while he thought of talking to his coworker.

Meeting His Dad For The First Time


Nathan decided to break the ice about the subject with a Facebook message to Bob. He asked Bob if he ever knew the name of the woman who was revealed to be his mother. Bob agreed to knowing her and said that she was his ex-wife. Bob took a moment to put the two things together and slipped out of his chair. Soon the messaging changed to a phone call and learned about the incidents that led up to his birth.

Making The Tough Decision


Twenty seven years ago, Bob was a resident of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and his marriage was right on the edge of a breakdown. Adding to the story, his ex-wife was pregnant with Nathan and because of the financial situation of the couple, it was not possible for the two to raise a child. Adding fuel to the fire, the baby was to be born premature. Bob said that he regretted his decision after the years and if it were up to him, he would have worked harder to get the finances back on track so that he could raise the child himself.

Choosing The Adoptive Parents


When Bob and his wife waived their rights to be parents, they did not just choose anyone to adopt the little baby. In fact, they were very specific in choosing the people who would take care of the little baby. The people that they chose were distant cousins of the ex-wife. Even though they had to give up the baby, they decided to keep the baby in the family.

A Surprising Twist


Nathan had met his father and had the name of his mother to initiate the search. However, Bob added an additional detail that would change Nathan’s life even more. Bob said that after giving Nathan up for adoption, Bob and his ex-wife had two more children since their financial condition improved. This meant that Nathan had two siblings to find apart from his mother.

Perfect Timing


It was the perfect moment that Nathan came to know about his biological parents. Nathan was engaged to marry the love of his life and their wedding was set for May that year. Everything seemed to be a stroke of luck, him having met his real family and having the chance to invite them over to the wedding.

The Bride To Be


Since a trucker is almost always out on the road, his significant other has to be patient when it comes to the physical intimacy of a relationship. Nathan found someone who was equally invested in his success. By the time Nathan and Nicole Marie Hein were engaged, she had racked up years of intensive study. She grew up near Athens, Wisconsin and had studied in Ela, Minnesota.

Driven To Study


Nicole earned an Associates degree from a community college in Minnesota and later transferred to University of Wisconsin’s Ela Claire campus. There, she studied sociology and gerontology. She took a hiatus from her university to prepare for her nurse’s license examination. She worked at the Health Services Department of North Wisconsin Center.

Bob At The Wedding


Since Bob and Nathan were already friends before the revelation, Nathan had invited Bob to the wedding, who was attending it with his fiancee, Dee Stanford. Bob was now not just a friend at the wedding but also had the role of the groom’s father.

Processing Everything


Both Bob and Nathan were quite shocked at the revelation. It was a big deal to process emotionally. While they had newfound knowledge about their relationship, they continued to see each other as friends and coworkers. In Nathan’s own words, “they’re just taking things one day at a time, or one mile at a time as truck drivers say.”

Social Media Viral Story


Since it is a digital world, every story that is even the least bit peculiar becomes viral on social media. However, the story of Nathan Boos and his father Bob was something more than just peculiar. It was surprising because Nathan found his dad in a place where he wasn’t even looking. The coincidences in the story set it apart. While most fathers and sons have a family relationship before they become friends, it was vice-versa in this case.

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