What You Ought To Cook For Your Crush, As Per Their Zodiac

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Do you agree that food is one of the prime necessities of life? If yes, then your culinary skills need to be right on target. In fact, your love life could depend on it. But how do you dish out a sumptuous spread for your loved one, without knowing what he/she actually relishes? Don’t panic, sit back and relax and allow the stars and constellations to reveal it all –

1. Aries – Burrito For Breakfast


Your adorable one is always the most energetic of the lot, so they need power-packed nutrition – that too right in the morning. If your crush falls under this sign, make sure you give him a Burrito packed with the right amount of meat and veggies. And you can experiment around a lot with the toppings. You can literally hand him a different burrito, daily!

2. Taurus – A Voluminous Portion Of Beef Wellington


If you have lost out your heart to a Taurean, then you are in luck. These people are hard-core foodies, who can never refuse a lavish spread. But if you are asked to dish out a single meal, what would that be? A big serving of Beef Wellington would do the trick for you. There’s a huge chance that your love interest is going to propose to you after this romantic supper. 

3. Gemini – Exotic Pad Thai


Your crush loves a lot of mental stimulation. In fact, the cogs of the brain of a Gemini keep on whirring, jumping from one thought to another. So, what do you serve to such a restless fellow? Pad Thai Noodles – an exotic fare can hook up these people in no time. The unusual taste and delectable ingredients keep your Gemini lover engaged. By the end of chow time, they may be raving about your cooking prowess.  

4. Cancer – A Lovely Meal Of Lasagna


If you prefer a Cancerian as a partner, then you ought to know how kind and generous these people are. They are easy to win over, provided you tug on their heartstrings. If you dish out something as warm and hearty as a Lasagna, then you can nail the deal for sure. Even though you might have to put in some time and effort, but we assure you that it’s well worth it.

5. Leo – Hearty Lobster Mac And Cheese


Gregarious and full of self-worth, your love interest does love supper in the classic style. If you serve a Leo something rich and luxurious then you have managed to make way right to their heart. Comfort food like mac and cheese, loaded with chunks of fried lobster will surely make them dance to your tune. You have to just make sure that the flavor of the meal has the right zing to it.

6. Virgo – Baked Ziti


If you have fallen for a Virgo, then it’s better not to experiment much. You need to understand one thing about Virgos. They need to feel at home and you need to provide them with a feeling of security. Something as simple as Baked Ziti would be the perfect catalyst to spark the romance between you and your crush.

7. Libra – Fancy Guacamole Toast


Who doesn’t like to enjoy a great meal? Everyone does. But if you want to win over a Libran, then your meal needs to be snazzy and stylish. After all, it’s the Librans who possess all the chic amongst all the zodiac signs. A fancy guacamole laden toast, with a fresh and flavourful topping and garnish ought to hit the bullseye.   

8. Scorpio – Spicy Cajun Gumbo


Stingers to the core, your crush is the most passionate one in the zodiac. You need to load on the spices in their palate. And if you want to impress a Scorpio, you could cook a relatively unknown seafood fare from Louisiana. It is called the Cajun Gumbo and it’s a spicy stew is loaded with peppers, seafood and veggies. Everybody, including you, will surely find something interesting in this cookout.

9. Sagittarius – Hot And Gooey Chile Relleno


If you have lost your heart out to a Sagittarius, then you will surely know how fiery they are. You can easily tell them apart from others by their sense of adventure, even if it means enduring unbearable heat during the process. The same goes for their platter as well. Whip them a vintage style Chile Relleno – a gooey concoction of cheese and peppers, and they will love it for sure! After all, your bow and arrows of spices need enough twang to pierce their heart.

10. Capricorn – Classic Roasted Chicken For Supper


If somebody is a true traditional at heart, then it is none other than your classic Capricorn. If you have spent enough time with you Capricorn crush, then you must have noticed how nostalgic these people get during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Roasted Chicken with a side dish of potato (with gravy or bacon-wrapped sausages) could work wonders for your chemistry.

11. Aquarius – Peas And Cottage Cheese In Tomato Curry


You prefer a romantic link with an Aquarius person? Cool! If Cupid has worked out your equation with an Aquarian, be prepared to live life out of the box. You need to brew something unusual, even if it means escalloping an alien dish from a foreign land. Peas cooked in a tomato sauce/curry with chunks of cottage cheese with a garlic naan is a hit in India. Who knows, your Aquarian crush could lose his heart to you in this mushy affair?

12. Pisces – Baked Salmon


If a Piscean has captured your heart, then you need to put forth a meal that is a bit intricate and refined at the same time. You can satiate a Piscean’s taste buds by cooking something strong and robust to satiate. But you should steer clear of something overwhelming. Better go for a baked salmon with a side dish of grilled asparagus. A healthy gastronomic delight is sure to entice your crush.

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