10 Fascinating Facts About Redheads

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Due to its rarity and vibrancy, red hair has always been a subject of fascination throughout history. While natural redheads are few and far between, many individuals dye their hair to attain shades ranging from strawberry blonde to auburn. In addition, redheads are the subject of several curiosities, including their treatment throughout the ages and the unique health issues they face. As not much is known about the world’s rarest hair color, here are a few intriguing facts about redheads.

1. The first redhead in history

Redheads are not just rare, but their origins have been shrouded in legend and mystery. According to one such legend, the very first red-haired person was a prince named Idon from the land of Mu. While fleeing his homeland, he stopped at the legendary city of Atlantis, where he was mesmerized by the intense red hue of the sky. It is believed that his hair turned the same color due to the mystical powers of the city. This fascinating legend suggests that all redheads are descendants of Idon and his unique hair color.

2. No greying out

Redheads possess a unique characteristic that sets them apart from others – their hair doesn’t turn gray as they age. Unlike other hair types, the natural pigment in their hair lasts much longer. Instead of gray, their hair typically fades to varying shades of red, either lighter or darker. It’s a distinctive feature that many find fascinating, adding to the allure of those with fiery locks.

3. The minority

It’s common knowledge that redheads are an uncommon sight, making up a true minority. Surveys have shown that the natural occurrence of red hair is limited to no more than two percent of the global population. The majority of this unique population can be found in Western Europe, particularly in Scotland and Ireland. Even in the United States, where redheads are more prevalent than in other regions, most of them can trace their roots back to Scottish or Irish ancestry. The rarity of redheads truly sets them apart as a unique species.

4. Redhead extinction

Redheads are facing a troubling reality – they may become extinct in the future. Studies suggest that the red hair gene could be eradicated by 2026, although no conclusive evidence supports this claim. However, there is hope that the gene will become dormant and reemerge later on. Regardless, the future is uncertain for those with fiery locks. It’s a tough time to be a redhead.

5. Satan was often portrayed with red hair

Redheads have had a tough time throughout history. Historians have discovered that Satan was frequently depicted with red hair because the color was often linked with moral depravity and sexual desire, both considered sins by the Catholic Church. Furthermore, the color red was believed to be associated with magical powers. If red hair indeed conferred magical powers, redheads wouldn’t have been a minority today.

6. Hitler strikes again

Hitler, known for being one of the worst leaders in history, added to his reputation by imposing a ban on redheads marrying each other. He claimed that ginger couples should not reproduce as it would result in “spoiled offspring.” There was no scientific evidence to support his claim at the time.

7. Redheaded enslaved people were more valuable

In ancient Rome, enslaving people was a booming business, and there was a high demand for enslaved people with red hair. It was believed that owning a redheaded enslaved person was a sign of wealth and social status, which resulted in inflated prices for such enslaved people. Since natural redheaded enslaved people were rare, some enslavers resorted to dyeing their slaves’ hair red to display them as prized possessions. These practices were disturbing and further highlighted the brutalities of the slave trade during that era.

8. The rare combination

If you think redheads are uncommon, you’ll be amazed at how scarce redheads with blue eyes are. They make up a mere 0.17% of the population. This is because both of these characteristics are recessive, making it challenging to come across individuals with either characteristic, let alone both. To observe this “phenomenon,” both parents must carry the gene for blue eyes and the MC1R gene. Be on the lookout, as it is definitely a rare occurrence!

9. Vampires of Ancient Greece

During Ancient Greece, there was a distinctive viewpoint among the Greeks regarding redheaded individuals. Those with red hair who lived in Northern Greece were frequently associated with barbaric conduct. They were linked to the Thracians, a tribe-like people. The Greeks believed that these individuals would transform into vampires after death due to their unruly behavior. It appears that the Greeks may have taken this idea to an extreme level.

10. The difficulty of dyeing red hair

If you’re a natural redhead considering hair dye, think twice. To change the color, the hair must first be bleached to a lighter shade, typically blonde, which is not recommended. The bleaching process can cause irreversible harm to the hair, leading to root breakage and dryness. As if that wasn’t enough to dissuade you, those with red hair must bleach their hair multiple times to achieve a significant color change. This seems like a lot of work! It’s much simpler to embrace being a redhead.

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