Laugh Out Loud with These Hilarious Coronavirus Masks

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With the ongoing pandemic, wearing masks has become a daily routine for many of us. But just because masks are necessary for protection doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Check out these comical and quirky coronavirus masks that will make you giggle every time you put one on. From silly slogans to quirky designs, these masks are sure to add a bit of humor to your day.

1. Underwear mask

Wow, this gives “cut-offs” a whole new meaning! Let’s hope it’s a fresh pair of undies on his face or at least one that’s been washed. Otherwise, ew. At least we know his mask is double-layered, which is good. And man, talk about a new spin on the phrase “it takes a real man to wear cut-off underwear” in public. Either he doesn’t care what people think in these crazy times, or he’s just a true hero for wearing a mask to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 and keeping himself and others safe. Kudos!

2. Coconut Mask

Who would’ve thought coconuts would be so versatile and have many different uses? This recycling hack with coconut shells is a prime example of how we can be creative and resourceful in our everyday lives. Not only are we putting a natural product to good use, but we’re also doing our part in helping the environment by ensuring that it’s biodegradable when it’s time to dispose of it. You also get the bonus of enjoying the delicious flesh and milk. And who knows, maybe using the shell as a mask, like this clever dude, could be the next big trend.

3. Plastic Container

Another day on the crowded subway, and this woman is having trouble with her breath fogging up her glasses. It’s a common issue faced by many people wearing masks in close quarters, and it can be a bit of a nuisance. However, it’s a small price to pay for the safety of herself and those around her. Wearing a mask on public transportation, especially in these times, is crucial in preventing the spread of infectious diseases. It’s a small act of responsibility and consideration that can make a big difference in the community’s well-being.

4. Full unicorn suit

Halloween is a time for dressing up and having fun, but sometimes a costume can have an unexpected added benefit. In this case, this person’s Halloween costume came in handy and proved to be more useful than just for a one-time event. Perhaps it served as a disguise in a situation where they wanted to remain anonymous, or maybe it helped them win first place in a costume contest. Whatever the reason may be, it just goes to show that a good costume can bring more joy and utility to our lives than we may have initially thought. So, next time you pick out a Halloween costume, remember that it might just come in handy.

5. Paper bags and dish gloves

This person’s choice to wear a paper bag over their head as a makeshift mask has certainly raised some questions. While serving as a means to see, the small cut-out hole in the bag raises the question of whether or not this person can actually see properly through it. The use of a paper bag as a mask is a questionable and potentially dangerous decision, as it does not provide adequate protection from airborne particles and illnesses like COVID-19. It’s important to prioritize our health and the health of those around us, and using proper personal protective equipment, like a cloth mask, is a crucial step in doing so. It’s unclear what this person thought by using a paper bag as a mask. Still, educating ourselves on the most effective ways to protect ourselves and others during this pandemic is important.

6. Full-on plastic wear and dish gloves

This person is fully decked out in plastic wear and dish gloves, leaving onlookers to ponder the level of comfort they must be experiencing. While necessary in certain circumstances, using this type of protective gear raises questions about the wearer’s well-being in such a hot and potentially stifling outfit. One must wonder if they’re feeling hot and uncomfortable in gear, especially during summer or warm climates. Despite the inconvenience, the use of this type of protective gear shows a commitment to safety and a willingness to go the extra mile to protect oneself and those around one. In these uncertain times, it’s important to prioritize health and safety, even if it means wearing uncomfortable gear.

7. Newspaper

This person has taken upcycling to the next level with their creative use of newspapers. The result is a contraption that will make even the most unsuspecting passerby stop and take notice. Not every day do you see someone using old newspapers in such a unique and inventive way. Using recycled materials in this manner helps the environment by reducing waste and showcases the individual’s imagination and resourcefulness. The laughter and amusement it brings to those who see it highlights the value of humor and creativity in our daily lives. It’s a reminder to embrace our individuality and think outside the box and that sometimes, the most unexpected and unconventional solutions can lead to the most joy and happiness.

8. Soda bottle shield

This person got creative with all the empty soda bottles lying around and made a shield. It shows their resourcefulness and imagination. In a world where waste is a big problem, using empty bottles instead of buying new materials is a step towards sustainability. It’s cool to see people make the most of what they have, especially during tough times when resources may be limited. This shield serves a purpose and shows that this person can adapt and find solutions even in unexpected places.

9. Soap Sponge

When she finally makes it back home after a long day, disinfecting her kitchen sponge is a breeze. All she needs to do is grab some soap and water and give it a good scrub. That way, she’ll have a fresh and clean sponge ready to tackle all the dirty dishes that have piled up. No more worrying about bacteria or germs, just a quick and simple process to keep her kitchen hygienic and ready for use. And before she knows it, she’ll be able to enjoy a clean and sparkling kitchen.

10. Lemons

So, we’re still rolling with our vegetable series, and today’s focus is on lemon peels. Now, we have to admit, and this one isn’t exactly a fan favorite among our team. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other veggies we’ve covered. It’s not because it’s not important. It’s just that it doesn’t have quite as much to offer in terms of nutrition and coverage. But we believe in giving every veggie its time in the spotlight, so here we are, talking about lemon peels. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out something new and appreciate them even more!

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