The Surprising Handsomeness of Young US Presidents That Will Leave You Amazed

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While we’re accustomed to recognizing the faces of US Presidents during their White House tenure, it’s worth noting that they typically assumed office well beyond their youth. Have you ever wondered how these Presidents appeared before their presidential stints? You might be taken aback by their childhood, teenage, and young adult looks. Continue reading to discover some remarkable throwback photos of certain US Presidents. It’s important to note that not every President is included in this list.

Joe Biden

At 78 years old, Joseph “Joe” Biden is presently the President of the United States, having secured the position as the oldest person ever to be elected. Additionally, he has made history as the first President to have a female Vice President serving alongside him. Biden’s charming relationship with Barack Obama has resulted in numerous viral memes. In this throwback photo from his Archmere Academy days, we see a young and handsome Biden who was elected class president during his junior and senior years. It’s clear that he was always destined for greatness.

Donald Trump

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump was nominated and subsequently served as President of the United States. He was unique in that he had no prior government or military experience and was the only officeholder in US history to be impeached twice. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe that this controversial figure was once an innocent-looking young boy, almost resembling a little doll. Who could have predicted that this child would grow up to become a highly debated and polarizing individual?

Barack Obama

As the first African-American to hold the office of President of the United States, Barack Obama made history. He was also honored with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2009. During his tenure, there were substantial improvements in the American economy, as well as the nation’s reputation overseas. In this throwback photo from his college days, we catch a glimpse of a young Obama, who, unsurprisingly, looked quite adorable at 18 years old. With his charming demeanor and mini afro, it’s easy to see how he’s always had a likable and charismatic appeal.

George W. Bush

George Bush’s family has a long-standing involvement in American politics. He achieved the highest approval ratings on record during the September 11 attacks. However, he received the lowest ratings during the 2007-2008 financial crisis. As a blast from the past, here are two pictures of him in his twenties. One of the photos shows him flying warplanes in the Texas Air National Guard, while the other was taken during his university days at Yale, where he played softball.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s time as President will likely always be overshadowed by the Monica Lewinsky scandal, ultimately leading to his impeachment. However, here’s a throwback photo of Clinton from his childhood days in Arkansas, where he grew up. Even at a young age, he was undeniably good-looking and charming, as evidenced by the photo. It’s worth noting that Clinton was actually born William Jefferson Blythe III, but he later took on his stepfather’s surname.

Ronald Raegan

Ronald Reagan made history as the first president to have been divorced before being elected and held office for two terms. He is also the only actor to have ever become President in American history. Before Reagan entered the world of politics, he was a highly popular actor in Hollywood. Interestingly, prior to his acting career, he worked as a lifeguard at the Rock River in Lowell Park.

Jimmy Carter

James Earl Carter served as the 39th President of the United States and is renowned for his continued involvement in political and social projects following his time in office. In recognition of his humanitarian efforts, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. As a glimpse into his past, here’s a throwback photo of Carter during his time in the US Navy, where he worked on the Navy’s nuclear submarine programs. It’s clear to see that he was a handsome sailor in his younger years.

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford is unique among US presidents, as he was the only one who never won a presidential election. He assumed office in 1974 following the resignation of President Richard Nixon. During his tenure, unemployment rates saw a significant decrease. Prior to his presidency, Ford was an attractive young man during his college years. Here’s a photo of him during his football days at the University of Michigan, where he was a standout player and even went on to coach the sport later on.

John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly referred to as JFK, became the youngest person ever to be elected President at the age of 43. He was also the first Catholic to hold office. It’s perhaps not surprising that JFK was considered a heartthrob in his 20s, given his handsome appearance. However, his marital life was marked by controversy, most notably his affair with Marilyn Monroe.

Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt played a pivotal role in World War II and was elected to the presidency four times, with his third and fourth terms being largely defined by the war. His tenure as pPresidentspanned over 12 years, making him the longest-serving President in US history. Here’s a throwback photo of Roosevelt at the age of 18, taken in 1900. He attended Harvard University, where he served as editor-in-chief of The Harvard Crimson Daily newspaper and even worked as a cheerleader.

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