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Tips for Organizing a Small House With No Storage

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Living in a small house often requires creative storage solutions to maximize space. Organizing a small house with insufficient storage can be challenging, but implementing a few clever techniques can make your home feel more spacious. These strategies can also be applied in apartments for added convenience. Small homes offer numerous advantages, such as affordability, ease of maintenance, and coziness. However, to fully benefit from a smaller living space, it is crucial to optimize storage. Here are some ideas for creating ample storage in a small home.

1. Use Back Of Doors

Doors are ubiquitous in most rooms of our homes, yet we often overlook the storage potential they offer. One way to maximize space in a small house is by attaching a shoe rack to the back of the door, freeing up closet and floor space. Additionally, you can install hooks on the back of the door to hang various items that would otherwise clutter the floor. Hooks are versatile storage solutions that can hold a wide range of objects, making them ideal for utilizing vertical space in a small home.

2. Use Cabinet Space

Cabinets are not limited to storing kitchen essentials like pots and food. You can optimize cabinet space by placing smaller pots inside larger ones. Additionally, it is important to periodically check for expired food in your cabinets and discard them to free up space. Once you have created more room, you can place more oversized items such as water bottles, books, and glasses on the lower shelves of your cabinets, which would typically occupy floor space. It is crucial to place heavy objects on lower shelves to prevent accidents while retrieving them.

3. Buy Furniture With Storage To Organize a Small House With No Storage 

This approach is designed for those who are shopping for new furniture, whether for a new small house or to update their existing furniture. It is an ideal opportunity to purchase pieces that offer additional storage. This will provide ample space to store various items that would otherwise take up valuable space. For example, consider purchasing high tables or ones with drawers and bookshelves with built-in cabinets at the bottom. By using this method, you can create significantly more space in your home. If you plan on downsizing, consider selling your current furniture and purchasing new, taller pieces with additional storage.

4. Build Shelves

When considering ways to create more space in your small home, installing sturdy shelves should be at the top of your list. While this is a great idea, hiring a professional may require installing them as the weight of the items stored on the shelves can be substantial. Avoid using shelves that stick to the wall, as they may not be strong enough to support heavy loads, typically managing only up to 10 lbs. Instead, itring a carpenter or asking a friend with carpentry skills to assist you with the installation process is best. By doing so, you can create ample storage space in your small home to store all of your belongings.

5. Use Storage Space Underneath Your Bed

The area underneath your bed is often an overlooked storage space in any home, regardless of its size. Even with less than 10 inches of clearance, this space can still accommodate a considerable number of items. You can raise your bed by a few inches using risers, which would increase the clearance to over 20 inches, allowing for even more storage. When utilizing this space, it is crucial to ensure proper airflow to prevent the formation of mold, which could damage the items being stored. Leave sufficient space between items to facilitate adequate ventilation and prevent mold growth.

6. Hang Things On The Wall

Often, we overlook the empty walls in our homes, filling them with small pictures that don’t maximize the available space. However, in a small house, every inch counts, and walls can be used to store items. You can hang hooks on the walls or install shelves to increase your storage space.

7. Use Storage Bins

To safely store items in a small house, consider using storage bins that can lock together. This allows you to stack them higher without the risk of them toppling over. You can find these bins online or at any retail store that sells storage containers. Using storage containers is an effective way to maximize space and keep your belongings organized.

8. Get Rid Of Duplicate Items

Frequently, we come across duplicate items occupying a significant amount of space in our homes. These may include food items, unused furniture, tools, and numerous other things. Eliminating these items can lead to discovering a surprising amount of space in your house. Prior to discarding them, you can attempt to sell them online to earn some additional money or donate them to a charity or someone you know who needs them. Make sure to examine your cabinets, closets, underneath your bed, and other such places to identify duplicate items that you do not require.

9. Down Size On Furniture 

If you intend to relocate to a smaller residence, reducing the amount of furniture would be a smart move. This will guarantee that all your furniture can fit comfortably in your new home, and you will have enough space to accommodate other belongings. For instance, if you possess a California king or king-size bed and you are relocating to a smaller house, it may be necessary to sell the larger bed and opt for a smaller one to create space for other furniture. This will significantly expand the available space in your small room, allowing you to store items with ease.

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