Are You Sitting on a Fortune? Check if You Own Any of These Valuable Vinyl Records

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In today’s digital age, you may or may not be familiar with old-school vinyl (LP) records. But did you know they’re making a comeback? When it comes to vinyl records, the rarer it is, the more valuable it becomes. That’s one of the reasons why digital albums never replace them. We’ve got some exciting news for you! We’ve put together a list of the most valuable LP albums; you might have one in your collection. So, dig out those records and find out if you’re sitting on a fortune. Check out the following pages for our list of the most valuable vinyl records of all time, ranked from least to most valuable.

1. The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man – $17,000

Keith recorded “Street Fighting Man” using a 1930s London Jazz Kit Set toy drum kit. The cover art, which showed police officers towering over a wounded protester, was censored by the record label due to its controversial nature. In 1968, prior to its release, a riot occurred, and the label burned all copies as a precaution. Only about 18 albums were saved, one of which was sold at an auction for $17,000 in 2011.

2. Frank Wilson – Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) – $34,000

“Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)” is a soul song by American singer Frank Wilson released by the Soul label, a subsidiary of Motown, in 1965? After recording “Do I Love You” and “Sweeter As the Days Go By,” Frank Wilson chose to work behind the scenes. Only two copies of the song survived when they were ordered to be destroyed by the founder of Motown. One was kept in Motown’s vault, while the other was sold at an auction in 2009 for approximately $34,000. On the next page, find out the value of Bob Dylan’s vinyl.

3. Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan – $35,000

Bob Dylan’s second studio album, “The Freewheelin’,” was released by Columbia Records on May 27, 1963. Some copies of the album may have included incorrect songs due to someone missing a memo to replace a few tracks. If your vinyl copy ends in -1A and features “Rocks and Gravel,” “Let Me Die In My Footsteps,” “Gamblin’ Willie’s Dead Man’s Hand,” and “Talkin’ John Birch Blues,” it could be worth around $35,000.

4. Tommy Johnson – Alcohol And Jake Blues – $37,000

In the open market, rare blues recordings usually fetch a price of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and even more if they are highly rare, in pristine condition, or from a renowned musician. This particular record is exceptionally rare, with only two copies discovered and currently owned by John Tefteller. He stumbled upon one on eBay and already possessed the other. It sold for $37,000.

5. Prince – The Black Album – $42,300

Prince’s sixteenth studio album, “The Black Album,” was pulled back by the company at Prince’s request as he believed it to be “evil.” He later released a CD version in 1994. The original vinyl albums, however, fetched a high price on the market, with an unopened American pressing selling for $42,300 and an unsealed Canadian pressing for $27,500.

6. Aphex Twin – Caustic Window – $46,300

“Caustic Window” was a 1996 release by Richard David James, also known as Aphex Twin. Unfortunately, Aphex Twin abandoned the project after five copies were made. As a result, only one copy was listed on Discogs in 2017, selling for a remarkable $46,300. It is rumored that five test pressings exist, although a credible source suggests there may be more.

7. The Beatles – Till There Was You – $77,500

Meredith Willson composed the show tune “Till There Was You” in 1950, originally named “Till I Met You.” The song was first recorded by Meredith Willson & his Orchestra and Eileen Wilson on October 25, 1950. The Beatles later covered it in 1963. For Beatles record collectors, an acetate of an early demo featuring the misspelling “Hullo Little Girl” on the disc is considered the “holy grail.” The demo features both “Till There Was You” and “Hello Little Girl.” In March 2016, the demo sold for $77,500 to an unnamed buyer in Warrington.

8. The Beatles – Yesterday & Today – $125,000

The Beatles’ album “Yesterday & Today,” featuring the original cover with the band members sitting among dismembered dolls and flesh, is a valuable record. The cover caused widespread outrage and was promptly withdrawn, replaced with a toned-down design. The rarity of the original cover makes it a highly sought-after item. In 2013, a sealed copy of the album sold for $125,000, setting a record as the most expensive sale of the album to date.

9. John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy – $150,000

“Double Fantasy,” the sixth studio album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, was released by Geffen Records in November 1980. Surprisingly, even a printing error can make a record more valuable. In 1999, an autographed copy of “Double Fantasy” was sold for a staggering $150,000. This particular album was signed by John Lennon just hours before his death, making it likely the last signed copy ever. Want to know how much Elvis Presley’s album is worth? Read on to find out!

10. Elvis Presley – My Happiness – $300,000

The inaugural song recorded by Presley was “My Happiness.” Visitors on the now-museum Sun Records tour are informed about this recording. Jack White, a passionate vinyl collector, owns one of the most valuable recordings in the world. In 2015, he acquired a test pressing of Elvis Presley’s first recording for $300,000. Continue reading to find out the worth of the most valuable vinyl.

11. The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album) – $790,000

Finally, the most expensive vinyl record belongs to “The Beatles.” “The Beatles,” commonly referred to as the White Album, is the English rock band’s ninth studio album and the only double album, released on November 22, 1968. The album features a plain white cover with just the band’s name stamped on it, lacking any images or writing. The first edition of this self-titled album, with serial number “A0000001,” used to belong to Beatles drummer Ringo Starr before it was sold at Julien’s auction for $790,000.

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