How People’s Failed Attempts Were Roasted Over 10 Times on the Internet

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Remember the era before the internet when those present only witnessed embarrassing blunders? Nowadays, a single post, text, or tweet can quickly become viral, courtesy of social media. These failed attempts are cringe-worthy, causing second-hand embarrassment. Take a look at the moments the internet captured when people were having an off day.

1. No Good Dead

Performing an act of kindness for a stranger without expecting anything in return is a noble gesture. Unfortunately, however, this man shamelessly broadcasted his good deed while leveraging his lovable grandmother to gain favor with his followers. Fortunately, a girl was present to expose his deceitful behavior, revealing that he is not as virtuous as he seems.

2. Jokes on You

Breaking and entering is a serious matter, especially when the occupants are present and there’s no room for laughter. However, in a fortunate turn of events, a group of individuals managed to see the funny side when a burglar broke into their residence. After cracking an exceptional joke, the intruder burst out laughing from the upper level, exposing themselves in the process. Knowing what joke was told has become a matter of curiosity.

3. Final Failure

Do you recall the anxiety-ridden days of final exams during your school years? They were undoubtedly dreadful. Unfortunately, Diego’s worst nightmare became a reality when he missed his final exam after mistakenly believing it was scheduled for the following day. We can only imagine the embarrassment and frustration Diego must have experienced. Hopefully, he was given an opportunity to retake the exam at a later date.

4. Simple Math

Why does math seem to baffle us? Even though the math problem appeared straightforward, it perplexed numerous individuals. Just in case you were curious, the sister’s age is 67, which is three years less than her elder sibling. Despite this, one commentator was so convinced that the answer was 35 that they attempted to educate everyone else. We must commend their self-assurance.

5. Doing Her Dirty

Every child who grew up in the ’90s and ’00s was either a Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera fan. However, a Facebook user was unaware of who Christina Aguilera was and mistakenly believed that the popstar was a man dressed in drag. It’s understandable how this confusion may have arisen since Aguilera had appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but this mistake was still embarrassing. Thankfully, Netflix intervened in the conversation and corrected the individual.

6. Picture Perfect

Being involved in a car accident is always a distressing experience, but having a kind auto insurance agent can make the process much smoother. When the agent requested front, rear, and side photos, Susan mistakenly believed that Eva was requesting pictures of herself. It was a cute misunderstanding! Fortunately, the agent was extremely understanding about the mix-up and even paid Susan a compliment in the process.

7. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

The Kardashians/Jenners are undoubtedly one of the most renowned families in Hollywood, and they frequently share details about their lives on social media. Given their immense popularity, everything they post is subject to close scrutiny, particularly when it appears to be hypocritical. Kylie Jenner recently shared a post regarding the killing of animals in Australia, but only a few hours later, she posted a picture of her Louis Vuitton pink slippers, which were made of mink fur. This was certainly an awkward moment!

8. Forbidden Fruit

Without delving into the topic of legalizing marijuana, some individuals will employ all manner of arguments to advocate for its legalization. For instance, a person brought up the topic of God, but it didn’t turn out well for them. They lacked a comprehensive understanding of the tale of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

9. Rich Kids

We all have done things in our youth that we are not proud of, but this individual seems unfazed by their high school misdeeds and decided to share their mother’s unsuccessful attempt at disciplining them with the internet. As it turned out, the parenting tactic had the opposite effect, and the young person made the most of the situation by viewing it as an incredible “promotion.”

10. Animal Lover

We deeply admire those who share our love for animals, and this young woman sought to express her opposition to animal cruelty. While this is commendable, the message on her sweatshirt, which reads “ANIMAL CRUELTY CLUB” when she puts her hood down, sends an entirely different message. This is undoubtedly a regrettable design blunder. Perhaps it’s time to consider bringing on new designers.

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